2010-11-16 Sam HartmanNew build path variable stable
2010-11-16 Sam HartmanFix syntax error
2010-11-16 Sam HartmanUse assert not rad_assert
2010-11-16 Sam HartmanAdd AC_PROG_LIBTOOL in with-system-libtool path
2010-11-11 Alan T. DeKokNAS-Port is a text field. Don't cast it to integer origin/stable
2010-11-11 Alan T. DeKokAdd group membership query
2010-11-11 Alan T. DeKokInclude Mikrotik dictionary
2010-11-10 Alan T. DeKokPrint out *which* socket could not be opened.
2010-11-10 Alan T. DeKokThe NAS generates the MN-FA key, not the AAA
2010-11-10 Alan T. DeKokRemoved extra calls to HMAC_CTX_init()
2010-11-10 Alan T. DeKokAllow spaces in shared secret, as posted to the list.
2010-11-10 Alexander ClouterAdd support for xlat'd challenge in rlm_eap_gtc
2010-11-08 Alan T. DeKokKeep track of "last in list" properly.
2010-11-03 Alan T. DeKokFix typos in previous commit
2010-10-29 Alan T. DeKokDo checks on attribute *and* vendor.
2010-10-29 Alan T. DeKokUse VENDORPEC_MICROSOFT instead of hard-coded 311
2010-10-29 Alan T. DeKokUse shift for VSAs instead of OR
2010-10-29 Alan T. DeKokUpdated API for 2.2
2010-10-29 Alan T. DeKokUpdated API for 2.2.
2010-10-29 Alan T. DeKokUpdated API for 2.2
2010-10-25 Alan T. DeKokFix typo in zombie period start time
2010-10-23 Alan T. DeKokThe cert "bootstrap" code now checks certs for validity
2010-10-21 Alan T. DeKokMore checks on handler_tree
2010-10-17 Alan T. DeKokFix child state on corner case
2010-10-15 Alan T. DeKokAdd all home_servers in the configuration.
2010-10-15 Alan T. DeKokLink with libradius, too
2010-10-15 Alan T. DeKokFix corner case when not threaded.
2010-10-13 Alan T. DeKokCheck data_len for internal TLVs
2010-10-13 Alan T. DeKokFixes to build without PTHREADs
2010-10-13 Phil Mayersuse RDEBUG
2010-10-13 Alan T. DeKokAdded REQUEST to soh_verify() parameters
2010-10-12 Alan T. DeKokProtect SoH server messages
2010-10-12 Alan T. DeKokMove the SoH code to the server directory
2010-10-12 Alan T. DeKokUse handler mutex for checks, not session mutex
2010-10-12 Alan T. DeKokFix parameters to soh_verify
2010-10-09 Alan T. DeKokAdd "extern C {...} to header files for C++ builds.
2010-10-08 Alan T. DeKokCode in src/lib shouldn't reference the REQUEST structure
2010-10-08 Alan T. DeKokShouldn't include <radiusd.h>
2010-10-08 Alan T. DeKokFixes for porting to "stable" branch
2010-10-08 Alan T. DeKokMarked SoH module as "stable"
2010-10-08 Phil MayersAdded SoH functionality to the PEAP module
2010-10-08 Phil MayersMoved "fake request" code into its own function
2010-10-08 Phil MayersSoH docs & example
2010-10-08 Alan T. DeKokFix compiler warnings
2010-10-08 Phil Mayersok, working SoH standalone module
2010-10-08 Phil MayersBase SoH code for Microsoft NAP.
2010-10-08 Alan T. DeKokFix call to otp_write
2010-10-07 Alan T. DeKokFixes from clang / scan-build
2010-10-03 Alan T. DeKokSigned / unsigned fixes and function prototypes
2010-10-02 Alan T. DeKokProtect pcap_fopen calls
2010-09-30 Alan T. DeKokMore patches to build without certain features
2010-09-30 Alan T. DeKokAllow building WITHOUT_STATS
2010-09-29 Alan T. DeKokEnable building WITHOUT_ACCOUNTING
2010-09-29 Alan T. DeKokEnable building #WITHOUT_PROXY
2010-09-29 Alan T. DeKokIgnore post-proxy type if proxy is disabled
2010-09-28 Alan T. DeKokBetter way of updating cf_data_add
2010-09-28 Alan T. DeKokDisable example config in default build
2010-09-27 Alan T. DeKokNote TLS-Client-Cert-* attributes
2010-09-26 Alan T. DeKokAdded '-F' to filter RADIUS from input to output
2010-09-25 Alan T. DeKokFix long-standing bug where unix Groupcmp didn't work
2010-09-25 Alan T. DeKokUpdates from redhat
2010-09-23 Alan T. DeKokUse server version for version string
2010-09-22 Alan T. DeKokFix condition for attribute not found
2010-09-22 Alan T. DeKokBootstrap CoA home servers, as they can stand alone.
2010-09-21 Alan T. DeKokMove variable declaration to the start of the block
2010-09-21 Alan T. DeKokMade listener_print be CONST
2010-09-21 Alan T. DeKokAdded toupper function
2010-09-21 Alan T. DeKokAs posted to the list by Alexander Kubatkin
2010-09-21 Alan T. DeKokMore attributes as sent in by a nice person at HP
2010-09-20 Alan T. DeKokAdded tolower function
2010-09-19 Alan T. DeKokMultiple calls to ber_printf seem to work better. ...
2010-09-19 Alan T. DeKokRetry on write failure. Closes bug #58
2010-09-19 Alan T. DeKokVarious fixes
2010-09-19 Alan T. DeKokFixed typo
2010-09-18 Alan T. DeKokClean up loopback / inaddr_any checks
2010-09-17 Alan T. DeKokAdded "del client <ipaddr>" command for dynamic clients
2010-09-17 Alan T. DeKokFix typo
2010-09-17 Alan T. DeKokAdded dynamic port-access attributes
2010-09-17 Alan T. DeKokRemoved unused attribute
2010-09-17 Alan T. DeKokFix logic for using udpfromto
2010-09-17 Alan T. DeKokUse local EAP, even if the realm doesn't exist
2010-09-17 Alan T. DeKokFix typo
2010-09-17 Alan T. DeKokAdded functions for sql_affected_rows and sql_error
2010-09-17 Alan T. DeKokAllow sqlite filename to be specified in the configurat...
2010-09-17 Alan T. DeKokModule-Failure-Message goes in request, not in reply
2010-09-14 Alan T. DeKokFix parameter passing issue. closes bug #105
2010-09-14 Alan T. DeKokMoved to RST format.
2010-09-14 Alan T. DeKokRenamed in preparation for moving to RST format.
2010-09-14 Alan T. DeKokBe more forgiving when starting proxy sockets.
2010-09-14 Alan T. DeKokAdd message from ntlm_auth to Module-Failure-Message
2010-09-10 Alan T. DeKokMore docs on the inner tunnel stuff
2010-09-10 Alan T. DeKokFix typo in error message
2010-09-10 Alan T. DeKokFix typo in command-line option
2010-09-09 Alan T. DeKokAdd support for extended attributes: draft-dekok-radext...
2010-09-09 Alan T. DeKokClose file on error condition
2010-09-09 Alan T. DeKokFree memory if out of memory
2010-09-09 Alan T. DeKokEnsure we leave room for the trailing NUL
2010-09-09 Bjørn MorkUpdating dictionary.erx based on Juniper documentation
2010-09-09 Alan T. DeKokPrint error message if we're not configured to listen...
2010-09-09 Alan T. DeKokAdded missing check for lookup