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ownerSam Hartman
last changeTue, 16 Nov 2010 07:59:05 +0000 (02:59 -0500)
2010-11-16 Sam HartmanNew build path variable stable
2010-11-16 Sam HartmanFix syntax error
2010-11-16 Sam HartmanUse assert not rad_assert
2010-11-16 Sam HartmanAdd AC_PROG_LIBTOOL in with-system-libtool path
2010-11-11 Alan T. DeKokNAS-Port is a text field. Don't cast it to integer origin/stable
2010-11-11 Alan T. DeKokAdd group membership query
2010-11-11 Alan T. DeKokInclude Mikrotik dictionary
2010-11-10 Alan T. DeKokPrint out *which* socket could not be opened.
2010-11-10 Alan T. DeKokThe NAS generates the MN-FA key, not the AAA
2010-11-10 Alan T. DeKokRemoved extra calls to HMAC_CTX_init()
2010-11-10 Alan T. DeKokAllow spaces in shared secret, as posted to the list.
2010-11-10 Alexander ClouterAdd support for xlat'd challenge in rlm_eap_gtc
2010-11-08 Alan T. DeKokKeep track of "last in list" properly.
2010-11-03 Alan T. DeKokFix typos in previous commit
2010-10-29 Alan T. DeKokDo checks on attribute *and* vendor.
2010-10-29 Alan T. DeKokUse VENDORPEC_MICROSOFT instead of hard-coded 311
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2 years ago moonshot_release_3.0.15
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2 years ago moonshot_release_3.0.15+moonshot1-1
2 years ago moonshot_release_3.0.15+moonshot2
2 years ago release_3_0_15
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2 years ago release_3_0_13
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2 years ago release_3_0_12
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