2015-08-02 Mark DonnellyFinal fixes for getting GSSWeb to work again. master
2015-07-31 Mark DonnellyEnsure init_sec_context endpoint is the document host.
2015-07-31 Mark DonnellyRework the invalid argument for init sec context exception
2015-07-16 Mark DonnellyMoving the cmd cleanup back to the error path, as the...
2015-07-13 Mark Donnellyanother couple of things to ignore
2015-07-13 Mark DonnellyReturn an error when GSSInitSecContext is called with...
2015-07-13 Mark DonnellyAdd prefix matching test for OIDs.
2015-07-09 Mark DonnellyRename gssEap to gss
2015-07-08 Mark DonnellyChange from eap-aes-256 to eap-aes-128
2015-07-08 Mark DonnellyIgnore debug/ directory
2015-07-08 Mark DonnellyAdd a ruby script for interactive command line testing...
2015-07-08 Mark DonnellyUse acquired credentials in GSSInitSecContext.
2015-07-06 Mark DonnellyChange the license on the distributable file to the...
2015-06-30 Mark DonnellyGSSAcquireCred works.
2015-06-24 Mark DonnellyIgnore build and editor junk files
2015-06-24 Mark DonnellyFix the build broken by the previous commit
2015-06-24 Mark DonnellyAdd copyright comment headers to appropriate files
2015-05-29 Margaret WassermanMerge branch 'master' of ssh://moonshot.suchdamage...
2015-05-29 Margaret WassermanChange gssEAP to gss in navigator.gss(Eap).js and make...
2015-05-29 Margaret WassermanAdd copyrights to files that didn't have them.
2015-05-22 Sam hartmanUpdate xpi unpack
2015-05-22 Sam HartmanInclude firefox extension packaging for centos
2015-05-22 Sam hartmanInitial RPM spec
2015-05-22 Sam hartmanUse gnu installation directories
2015-05-22 Sam HartmanUse template for nullify to avoid aliasing issue.
2015-05-21 Mark DonnellyPut a max version in, because browser compatibility...
2015-05-13 Mark DonnellyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://moonshot.suchdamage...
2015-05-13 Mark DonnellyLocal packaging for firefox add-on.
2015-05-13 Mark DonnellyAvoid copying the chrome encryption key during build
2015-04-30 Kevin WassermanAdd firefox and chrome extensions to win-build.bat
2015-04-28 Margaret WassermanMove util_ files into utils directory, move main.cpp...
2015-04-27 Kevin Wassermanbuild chrom crx on windows
2015-04-21 Kevin WassermanDisable browser subtrees on windows until they build
2015-04-10 Mark DonnellyRemove abandoned approach to make chrome package; refor...
2015-04-10 Mark DonnellyPackage a firefox .xpi file
2015-04-09 Mark DonnellyPackage the Chrome files into a .crx bundle.
2015-04-08 Mark DonnellySample JSON GSS message should not be in git
2015-04-08 Mark DonnellyRemoving unused files
2015-04-02 Mark DonnellyRemove a wasted check of XMLHttpResponse state
2015-04-02 Margaret WassermanRemove duplicate contentscript.js file from chrome...
2015-04-02 Margaret WassermanAdd copyright to browser plug-in file, finish code...
2015-04-02 Margaret WassermanFinish cleanup of firefox files, create common contents...
2015-04-02 Margaret WassermanChange name of navigator.gssEap.js in chrome scripts...
2015-04-02 Margaret WassermanRemove duplicated navigator js file from chrome/app...
2015-04-02 Margaret WassermanCreate browsers directory and browsers/common for commo...
2015-01-21 Sam HartmanVersion and install for library
2015-01-21 Sam HartmanAdd top-level cmake file for packaging.
2015-01-15 Kevin Wassermanfix windows dll name
2015-01-15 Kevin WassermanAdd KRB5_CALLCONV decorator
2015-01-15 Kevin Wassermanadd 'what' parameter on error
2015-01-15 Kevin Wassermantarget x86, not x64 in win-build.bat
2015-01-15 Kevin WassermanSupport both x86 and x64 targets on Windows
2015-01-15 Kevin Wassermanfix signed/unsigned warning
2015-01-15 Kevin Wassermanuse _read() instead of read() on windows
2015-01-15 Kevin Wassermanwindows fix main.cpp for windows chrome
2015-01-13 Mark DonnellyChange chrome to match the camelCase navigator.gssEap
2014-12-22 Kevin Wassermaninstall jsongssapi shared libray
2014-12-16 Margaret WassermanAdd error handling for sending POSTs.
2014-12-05 Mark DonnellyRename gss_eap to gssEap in calling functions
2014-12-04 Mark DonnellyGSS now works for Firefox!
2014-12-03 Mark DonnellyRemoved no longer needed console logging upon bootup.
2014-12-03 Mark DonnellyRequests originating in content scripts now generate...
2014-12-03 Mark DonnellyPassing messages between the add-on and the content...
2014-12-03 Mark DonnellyRename 'xpi' to 'firefox' for better clarity
2014-12-03 Mark DonnellyHandle errors of garbled JSON sent to the native host
2014-12-03 Mark DonnellyGet the navigator.gss_eap object to appear on firefox
2014-12-01 Mark DonnellyWaypoint towards trying to get Firefox communication...
2014-11-29 Kevin Wassermaninclude string.h for strdup
2014-11-29 Kevin WassermanFixup new firefox entrypoints for windows
2014-11-26 Mark DonnellySilence errors when assigning random values to test...
2014-11-26 Mark DonnellyRefactor Chrome entrypoint to funnel through the FF...
2014-11-26 Mark DonnellyA thought of new exception handling; add entrypoint...
2014-11-26 Mark DonnellyStart work on firefox support
2014-11-25 Kevin WassermanEnable -Wall -Werror with GCC; fix warnings
2014-11-25 Kevin WassermanTreat warnings as errors on windows
2014-11-25 Kevin WassermanFix integer precision warnings
2014-11-25 Kevin Wassermanfix unreferencd local parameter warning
2014-11-25 Kevin Wassermanfix int to size_t warnings in GSSBuffer
2014-11-25 Mark DonnellyInclude dependency on pthreads
2014-11-25 Mark DonnellyInherit from GSSCommand publicly, rather than privately.
2014-11-25 Mark DonnellyRemove calls to GSSCommand constructor from derived...
2014-11-24 Mark DonnellyUse location.hostname as part of the name of the other...
2014-11-24 Kevin WassermanAdd win-build.bat for buildbot
2014-11-24 Kevin WassermanAdd importname.txt which is a simple single-command
2014-11-24 Kevin WassermanOn windows, change json_gssapi.exe to take filepath...
2014-11-24 Kevin WassermanNo unistd.h in windows
2014-11-24 Kevin WassermanSupport for windows builds
2014-11-24 Kevin Wassermandisable unit tests on windows
2014-11-24 Kevin Wassermanadd util_base64 and util_random
2014-11-22 Kevin WassermanAdd cast to eliminate msvc warning
2014-11-22 Kevin WassermanRemove redundant definition of gss_imp_name_type
2014-11-22 Kevin Wassermantake mit-krb5 out of include path
2014-11-22 Kevin WassermanAdd KRB5_CALLCONV decoration where required
2014-11-20 Kevin WassermanDon't try to free() gss_OID's
2014-11-20 Kevin WassermanDon't return pointers to memory held by local std:...
2014-11-20 Kevin WassermanFix type to eliminate compile error
2014-11-20 Mark DonnellyUpdate tests to deal with GSSCommand objects now taking...
2014-11-20 Mark DonnellyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://moonshot.suchdamage...
2014-11-20 Mark DonnellyUpdate tests to deal with GSSCommand objects now taking...
2014-11-20 Kevin WassermanNul-terminate gss_buffer contents to work around krb5 bug