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ownerMark Donnelly
last changeSun, 2 Aug 2015 13:57:07 +0000 (09:57 -0400)
2015-08-02 Mark DonnellyFinal fixes for getting GSSWeb to work again. master
2015-07-31 Mark DonnellyEnsure init_sec_context endpoint is the document host.
2015-07-31 Mark DonnellyRework the invalid argument for init sec context exception
2015-07-16 Mark DonnellyMoving the cmd cleanup back to the error path, as the...
2015-07-13 Mark Donnellyanother couple of things to ignore
2015-07-13 Mark DonnellyReturn an error when GSSInitSecContext is called with...
2015-07-13 Mark DonnellyAdd prefix matching test for OIDs.
2015-07-09 Mark DonnellyRename gssEap to gss
2015-07-08 Mark DonnellyChange from eap-aes-256 to eap-aes-128
2015-07-08 Mark DonnellyIgnore debug/ directory
2015-07-08 Mark DonnellyAdd a ruby script for interactive command line testing...
2015-07-08 Mark DonnellyUse acquired credentials in GSSInitSecContext.
2015-07-06 Mark DonnellyChange the license on the distributable file to the...
2015-06-30 Mark DonnellyGSSAcquireCred works.
2015-06-24 Mark DonnellyIgnore build and editor junk files
2015-06-24 Mark DonnellyFix the build broken by the previous commit
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