2012-01-03 Sam HartmanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' master
2012-01-02 Pete FotheringhamAutomated builds and creation fo installer package...
2011-12-12 Luke HowardRevert "InitOnceExecuteOnce not present on XP" mac-installer
2011-12-10 Luke HowardInitOnceExecuteOnce not present on XP
2011-12-10 Luke HowardMerge branch 'master' of ssh://moonshot.suchdamage...
2011-12-01 Luke Howardadd MS-Windows-Group-Sid
2011-11-30 Pete FotheringhamMerge branch 'master' of
2011-11-30 Pete FotheringhamLink against the Kerberos library in /usr/local instead...
2011-11-28 Luke HowardRevert "Support EAP-TLS in Moonshot (requires OpenSSL)"
2011-11-28 Luke HowardRevert "remember to duplicate clientCertificate"
2011-11-28 Luke HowardRevert "Allow certificate/private key to contain binary...
2011-11-17 Luke HowardNFSv4 patch from Daniel Kouril
2011-11-17 Luke HowardAllow certificate/private key to contain binary data
2011-11-17 Luke Howardremember to duplicate clientCertificate
2011-11-17 Luke HowardSupport EAP-TLS in Moonshot (requires OpenSSL)
2011-11-17 Luke HowardMerge branch 'moonshot' of ssh://moonshot.suchdamage... refs/heads/libeap-moonshot
2011-11-17 Luke Howardlink against OpenSSL backend
2011-10-22 Luke Howardwrap gssQueryMechanismInfo
2011-10-21 Luke HowardMerge branch 'master' of ssh://moonshot.suchdamage...
2011-10-21 Luke HowardFix for building without acceptor
2011-10-13 Sam HartmanFix merge conflict
2011-10-10 Sam hartmanAdd freeradius to rpath; disable ui integration from...
2011-10-10 Sam hartmanSpec file update
2011-10-10 Sam hartmanUpdate libeap to include make dist
2011-10-10 Sam hartmanmake dist: distribute sources
2011-10-07 Luke HowardDon't fail if password supplied by caller
2011-10-07 Luke Howardfix incorrect reauth cred assert check
2011-10-06 Luke Howardnote about whether initiator cred lock is required
2011-10-06 Luke Howardremove unnecessary cred lock in acceptor
2011-10-05 Luke Howardallow building without libmoonshot
2011-10-05 Luke Howardpoke buildbot
2011-10-05 Luke Howardinitialize major in gss_query_meta_data
2011-10-05 Luke HowardMerge branch 'master' into negoex
2011-10-05 Luke HowardNegoEx SPIs
2011-09-22 Luke Howardcheck radsec config when acquiring acceptor cred
2011-09-20 Luke Howardnote gssEapAcquireCred should validate RADIUS config
2011-09-20 Luke HowardFix regression where error tokens were not being sent
2011-09-19 Luke HowardAdd GSSEAP_NO_LOCAL_MAPPING error
2011-09-19 Luke Howarduse krb5_auth_con_setlocalsubkey on Heimdal
2011-09-18 Luke HowardAdd CRED_FLAG_TARGET
2011-09-17 Luke HowardSimplify verify_mic path
2011-09-17 Luke HowardMerge branch 'master' of ssh://moonshot.suchdamage...
2011-09-17 Luke Howardmake sure imported sec context keys correctly allocated
2011-09-17 Luke HowardPRF/random_to_key allocation fix
2011-09-17 Luke Howarduse calloc to match with Heimdal (heim_alloc not exported)
2011-09-17 Luke Howardcreate TLD on-demand for threads started pre-DLL load
2011-09-17 Luke Howardmore cleanup of TLD
2011-09-17 Luke Howardgeneral cleanup of TLD init
2011-09-16 Sam hartmanmech_eap.spec: new redhat packaging
2011-09-16 Sam hartmanUpdate libeap to include make dist
2011-09-16 Sam hartmanFix unused variable in non-acceptor mode
2011-09-16 Sam hartmanmake dist: distribute sources
2011-09-16 Sam hartmanmake dist: distribute sources
2011-09-16 Sam hartmanMakefile: build fixes
2011-09-16 Sam hartmanconfigure: GNU_SOURCE is redundant
2011-09-16 Sam Hartmanconfigure: support krb5 --with-system-et
2011-09-16 Luke HowardMore careful matching of alloc/free functions
2011-09-16 Luke Howarduse GSSEAP_ASSERT macro instead of assert
2011-09-16 Luke Howarddon't release TLS data in DLL_PROCESS_DETACH
2011-09-16 Luke HowardDon't assert fail on Windows if mech does not init
2011-09-15 Luke Howardinclude Windows-specific GSS flags in flags token
2011-09-14 Luke HowardWindows acceptor build fixes
2011-09-14 Luke Howardmake gssEapImportContext un-static for other internal...
2011-09-14 Luke Howardadd gssEapPseudoRandom for internal consumers
2011-09-14 Luke HowardMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/windows'
2011-09-14 Luke HowardMerge branch 'windows'
2011-09-14 Luke Howardimplement gssEapSetCredService
2011-09-14 Sam HartmanBuild fixes for non-Windows windows
2011-09-13 Luke Howardavoid too many reallocs when parsing tokens
2011-09-13 Luke Howardrestore inquire_name, regressed in earlier commit
2011-09-13 Luke Howardseparate gss_display_status into inner/outer APIs
2011-09-13 Luke Howardno vasprintf() on Win32
2011-09-13 Luke Howardcall eap_mech constructors from DllMain
2011-09-13 Luke Howardfix signedness on krb5_data data member
2011-09-13 Luke Howardadd GET_LAST_ERROR macro
2011-09-13 Luke Howardcast to match signedness
2011-09-13 Luke Howardcast void * to unsigned char * for Heimdal compat
2011-09-13 Luke Howardmore build fixes for Windows
2011-09-13 Luke Howardmerge static credentials file locator from windows...
2011-09-13 Luke HowardMerge TLD code from Windows port, after cleanup
2011-09-13 Luke Howardbuild without RADIUS-related headers if no acceptor
2011-09-12 Luke Howardmake it possible to build without acceptor
2011-09-12 Luke Howardmake possible build without OpenSAML and/or Shib
2011-09-12 Luke Howardmerge a few Win32 build fixes
2011-09-10 Luke Howardseparate {init,accept}_sec_context into gss_/gssEap...
2011-09-10 Luke Howardadd GSS_EAP_CRED_SET_CRED_PASSWORD cred option
2011-09-10 Luke Howardadd GSSEAP_CONSTRUCTOR/DESTRUCTOR macro
2011-09-10 Luke Howarduse GSSAPI_CALLCONV for exported SPIs
2011-09-10 Luke Howardupdate TODO
2011-09-09 Luke HowardMerge branch 'ext-mic' of ssh://moonshot.suchdamage... ext-mic
2011-09-09 Luke HowardMerge branch 'master' into ext-mic
2011-09-09 Luke Howardsupport for libmoonshot identity selector
2011-09-09 Luke HowardMerge branch 'master' into ext-mic
2011-09-09 Luke Howardremove unused toktype2 variable
2011-09-09 Luke Howardremove unused EAP state machine variable
2011-09-09 Luke HowardCheck error return from vasprintf: string is undefined...
2011-09-06 Luke HowardUpdate assert to reflect protected subtoken length
2011-07-16 Luke HowardMerge branch 'ext-mic' of ssh://moonshot.suchdamage...
2011-07-16 Luke Howardintegrity protect subtoken length
2011-07-16 Luke Howardintegrity protect extension token exchange