2016-06-03 Jennifer RichardsInclude RPM spec file in dist package. master v1.3.2-moonshot
2016-02-22 Simo SorceRelease 1.3.2 - NEAR Shoemaker launch v1.3.2
2016-02-18 Isaac BoukrisCleanup s4u2proxy in mag_auth_basic
2016-02-17 James GroffenAdd option to not send a Negotiate headers
2016-02-17 James GroffenCorrected two typos in the README file.
2016-02-03 James GroffenMinor formatting changes to the README.
2016-01-14 Simo SorceFix potential loop when requesting attribute data.
2016-01-13 Simo SorceFix build when cred store is not available.
2016-01-11 James GroffenPrevent potential null pointer dereference
2015-12-03 Simo SorceAdd code to set attribute names in the environment
2015-12-02 Simo SorceMove setting request data to a separate file
2015-10-05 davisd123Negate established flag if session is expired.
2015-09-03 Simo SorceRelease 1.3.1 - Viking 2 landing v1.3.1
2015-09-03 Dennis SchriddeMention test dependencies in README
2015-09-03 Dennis SchriddeFix include path to asn1c for out-of-source builds
2015-09-03 Simo SorceFix bug in handling Session Keys
2015-09-03 Simo SorceAllow building without NTLMSSP support
2015-09-03 James GroffenUpdate and rename README to
2015-09-03 Isaac BoukrisAdd test for Proxy SPNEGO auth
2015-08-31 Simo SorceDo not use /tmp as default for s4u2proxy
2015-08-30 Simo SorceAllocate new keys at server startup.
2015-08-30 Simo SorceFix incorrect free() usage
2015-08-06 Isaac BoukrisMore basic-auth tests
2015-08-06 Isaac BoukrisAdd test for Basic Proxy authentication
2015-08-06 Isaac BoukrisSupport forward proxy authentication
2015-08-06 Isaac BoukrisAdd test for basic auth with two different users over...
2015-08-06 Isaac BoukrisAvoid advertising NTLM if it isn't technically supported
2015-07-07 Simo SorceFix checks on allowed mechs
2015-07-04 Simo SorceAdd basic auth test
2015-07-04 Simo SorceAdd test target in Makefile
2015-07-04 Simo SorceUS Independence day release - 1.3.0 v1.3.0
2015-06-25 Isaac BoukrisRetrieve default mechs at server init
2015-06-24 Simo SorceProperly check return error when filtering mechs
2015-06-24 Isaac BoukrisFail server startup on bad mechanisms
2015-06-23 Isaac BoukrisSkip spnego filtering since we already filter it
2015-06-23 Isaac BoukrisAcquire server creds with given cred_usage rather than...
2015-06-23 Simo SorceAdd initial test framework
2015-06-22 Simo SorceSupport allowing arbitrary mechanisms
2015-06-22 Simo SorceAcquire creds only once for basic_auth
2015-06-21 Simo SorceSet krb5 ccache only if krb5 is used
2015-06-20 Simo SorceAdd GssapiBasicAuthMech option
2015-06-19 Simo SorceFix Basic Auth with non-krb5 mechanisms
2015-06-19 Simo SorceBetter handling of desired_mechs
2015-06-19 Isaac BoukrisEnforce GssapiAllowedMech over raw gssapi mechs
2015-06-16 Simo SorceAlways require authentication with basic auth
2015-06-16 Simo SorceMove most of basic_auth handling to a function
2015-06-16 Simo SorceSeparate basic auth loop from the main accept.
2015-06-16 Simo SorceMove the initial part of basic auth processing
2015-06-16 Simo SorceImprove mag_conn memory handling
2015-06-14 Simo SorceFix re-authentication when connection bound is on
2015-06-14 Isaac BoukrisFix connection/session bound auth
2015-06-14 Isaac BoukrisUse apr_pool_cleanup_register() to cleanup mc
2015-06-13 Isaac BoukrisMake sure to release the ctx when no 'mc' available
2015-06-13 Simo SorceWhen an authorization haeder is sent, recheck auth
2015-06-13 Simo SorceStore data in session as the last thing
2015-06-13 Simo SorceAvoid segfault when skey is not set in config
2015-06-13 Simo SorceActually store basic_hash in the session data
2015-06-13 Simo SorceOptimize BASIC AUTH checks with sessions.
2015-06-13 Simo SorceSplit HMAC_BUFFER out as a separate publi function
2015-06-09 Simo SorceSet KRB5CCNAME on follow up requests with session
2015-06-09 Simo SorceUse a compiler to marshall/unmarshall the sessions
2015-06-08 Isaac BoukrisDisable connection-bound for basic-auth
2015-06-06 Simo SorceFix segfault if req->main is NULL
2015-06-03 Simo SorceAllow raw NTLM authentication
2015-06-03 Simo SorceAdd GssapiAllowedMech option
2015-06-01 Simo SorceMove acquire_cred functions into a helper
2015-06-01 Simo SorceMore work on keeping cred_store functions optional
2015-06-01 Simo SorceFix conditional support for gss_acquire_cred_from
2015-05-26 Simo SorceFind the right server name when using basic auth
2015-05-24 Joe OrtonIgnore generated files.
2015-05-24 Joe OrtonExport only the symbol named auth_gssapi_module
2015-05-24 Joe OrtonRemove all uses of APLOG_NOERRNO
2015-05-24 Joe OrtonFix typo.
2015-05-24 Joe OrtonDrop OOM handling.
2015-05-24 Joe OrtonUse the "ssl_is_https" definition from mod_ssl.h.
2015-05-24 Isaac BoukrisAdd GssapiSignalPersistentAuth directive
2015-05-05 Simo SorceExport variable with session expiration time
2015-04-23 Simo SorceRevert "Use aes-256-gcm rather than aes-128-cbc"
2015-04-21 Simo SorceBump version to 1.2.0 v1.2.0
2015-04-19 Simo SorceProperly complete context establishment
2015-04-14 Simo SorceAdd support for delegate creds on basic auth
2015-04-02 Simo SorceBump version to 1.1.1 v1.1.1
2015-03-31 Simo SorceHandle authentication on subrequests
2015-03-26 Simo SorceEscape principal name to remove the path separator
2015-03-12 Simo SorceBump version to 1.1.0 v1.1.0
2015-03-10 Nathaniel McCallumUse aes-256-gcm rather than aes-128-cbc
2015-03-10 Simo SorceDo not free orig_ccache
2015-03-10 Simo SorceImprove Basic Auth based logins
2015-03-10 Simo SorceFix random number generation
2015-03-10 Simo SorceUse apr function for random bytes
2015-03-09 Simo SorceDocumentation fixes
2015-03-06 Simo SorceRemove forward basic auth and fix docs
2015-03-06 Simo SorceAdd support for handling Basic Auth
2015-03-05 Simo SorceDo not leak acquired_cred
2015-02-03 Nathaniel McCallumReplace block size constants with actual block size
2014-11-08 Simo SorceBump version to 1.0.4 v1.0.4
2014-10-21 Simo SorceFix error message copy&paste error
2014-10-14 Simo SorceFix build on some platforms by adding extra flags
2014-10-13 Simo SorceProperly initialize logging
2014-10-13 Simo SorceAttempt to use sessions only when they are enabled