2011-08-02 Sam HartmanMake sure sln file is always checked out with crlf... master
2011-08-02 Kevin WassermanAdd README for windows
2011-08-02 Kevin WassermanAdd MSVC project and solution files
2011-08-02 Kevin WassermanWindows port and Firefox 3.6 addon fixes:
2011-08-02 Kevin WassermanFix typo in install.rdf: 'authenticatin'->'authentication'
2011-05-09 Sam HartmanCreate chrome.manifest so that this can be installed...
2011-05-09 Sam HartmanAutomake based build system
2011-04-01 Daniel KourilUpdated manifest
2011-04-01 Daniel Kourilxpt support
2011-04-01 Daniel Kouril- Logging
2011-04-01 Daniel KourilAdd the IDL description
2011-03-30 Daniel KourilAcquire credentials based on users' input
2011-03-30 Daniel Kourilrevert other changes and make in build finally
2011-03-30 Daniel KourilRevert "Revert "Add missing (?) library""
2011-03-30 Daniel KourilRevert "Add missing (?) library"
2011-03-30 Daniel KourilAdd missing (?) library
2011-03-30 Daniel KourilMoved implentation of constructor/destructor inside...
2011-03-30 Daniel Kourilcode polishing
2011-03-30 Daniel Kourilcode polishing
2011-03-30 Daniel KourilFirst shot of the state class
2011-03-30 Daniel Kourilinitial commit