2017-08-01 Dan BreslauBump the version number in to 1.0.5 master
2017-05-04 Dan BreslauAttempt to fix build for the usual case when log4vala... origin/master
2017-05-03 Dan BreslauSupport Log4Vala 0.2
2017-05-03 Dan BreslauFixed an assertion error that was found when trying...
2017-04-28 Dan Breslau
2017-02-20 Dan BreslauVarious stability fixes and logging improvements
2016-12-16 Dan BreslauFixed non-ASCII char in translatable text
2016-11-02 Dan BreslauFixed build errors that only showed up on launchpad
2016-11-02 Dan BreslauIf gee-0.8 is available, accept version 0.10.5 or above
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauIn TrustAnchorConfirmationRequest, check for headless... v0.9.6.2
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauGet the config file location from an environment variable
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauFor the TrustAnchor dialog, CANCEL should be the default. v0.9.6.1
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauFixed removal of services so that it doesn't affect... v0.9.6
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauAdded a confirmation dialog for clearing a Trust Anchor.
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauUse get_button_for_response() to get the YES button
2016-10-25 Dan BreslauImproved the dialog displayed in Leap of Faith scenarios
2016-10-25 Dan BreslauSpeaking of cruft, remove a printf that I'd accidentall...
2016-10-25 Dan BreslauWork around a Portal bug that littered some credential...
2016-10-24 Dan BreslauIf the server's fingerprint doesn't match the expected...
2016-10-24 Dan BreslauWhen presenting a password dialog field, clear out...
2016-10-24 Dan BreslauUse the NAI, not the display_name, as the hash ID for...
2016-10-20 Dan BreslauIn find_idcard_widget, allow for null IdCard to be...
2016-10-20 Dan Breslauchanged moonshot-server.vala to moonshot-server-linux...
2016-10-20 Dan BreslauRemoved printfs
2016-10-19 Dan BreslauSquashed merge of many commits, including (but not...
2016-08-26 Dan BreslauFixed translation issues for Help menu
2016-08-26 Dan BreslauFixed translation issues for Help menu
2016-08-25 Dan BreslauReskinned Identity Selector per the JANET Wireframes...
2016-07-21 Dan BreslauAllow compilation under later versions of valac (fixed...
2016-04-28 Dan BreslauMerge branch 'dbreslau-lib-upgrades'
2016-04-28 Dan BreslauMinor refactoring of XML import code
2016-04-28 Dan BreslauFix a compiler warning
2016-04-28 Dan BreslauSupport optional logging in webp-provisioning
2016-04-28 Dan BreslauIgnore more stuff that needs to be ignored
2016-04-21 Dan Breslau dbreslau-lib-upgrades
2016-04-19 Dan Breslau
2016-04-19 Dan BreslauAdded the MoonshotLogger class, which by default, does...
2016-04-19 Dan Breslau
2016-04-05 Dan BreslauFixed merge error
2016-04-05 Dan BreslauMerge branch 'master' of
2016-04-05 Dan BreslauMinor formatting changes
2016-04-05 Dan BreslauThe problem was that simply calling doesn...
2016-04-04 Dan Breslau
2016-04-01 Dan BreslauThe problem was that simply calling doesn... dreslau-1279798
2015-07-14 Sam HartmanDist libmoonshot.vapi
2015-07-13 Sam HartmanNew version
2015-07-13 Rodolphe PELLOUX... Fix ambiguous references between GLib.ListStore and...
2015-03-25 Kevin Wassermanbump release to 2
2015-03-25 Kevin Wassermanstrip leading and trailing whitespace from cacert on...
2015-03-17 Kevin WassermanFix conditional logic for using arrays with OutputStrea...
2015-03-16 Kevin WassermanAnother array property fix: services
2015-03-13 Kevin WassermanWorkaround vala array property bug on centos
2015-03-12 Kevin WassermanFix infinite loop when replacing No Identity card
2014-10-08 Sam HartmanAdd radius and trustrouter to flatstore users
2014-09-03 Sam HartmanInclude moonshot-gnome-keyring.vapi in dist 0.7.1
2014-09-03 Sam HartmanDistribute more files
2014-09-03 Sam HartmanRelease 0.7.1 to include upstream copyrights
2014-09-03 Sam HartmanAdd copyright to source code
2014-07-31 Kevin WassermanUbuntu compile fix attempt
2014-07-14 Kevin WassermanFix typo 'Update Pasword' -> 'Update Password'
2014-06-23 Sam Hartmanfix merge conflict
2014-06-17 Kevin WassermanSpecify GLib.Idle to avoid ambiguity with Gtk.Idle...
2014-05-20 Sam HartmanUpdate version
2014-05-20 Sam Hartmanspecfile: include dbus-x11 for dbus-launch
2014-05-20 Kevin WassermanAdd 'Update Password' button
2014-03-24 Kevin WassermanCentos compile fix
2014-03-19 Kevin WassermanAvoid using the 'No Identity' card as the default ident...
2014-03-17 Kevin WassermanDisplay issuer in details pane. Make all fields unedita...
2014-03-17 Kevin WassermanRemove code to check for empty issuer and set to "Issue...
2014-03-17 Kevin WassermanRequire minimal set of fields when adding a new card...
2014-03-14 Kevin WassermanMake identities.txt private to the current user. LP...
2014-03-14 Kevin WassermanDon't create duplicate identities. LP 1180914.
2014-01-09 Kevin Wassermanwindows: send correct data in response to get identity
2014-01-06 Kevin WassermanWindows: improve error reporting
2014-01-06 Kevin Wassermanwindows: null-terminate error message in moonshot_error_new
2014-01-06 Kevin Wassermanwindows: build moonshot-webp as console, not gui, app
2013-12-19 Kevin Wassermanmsrpc fixes for libmoonshot abi change
2013-12-09 Kevin WassermanBump release
2013-12-09 Kevin WassermanAdd null check
2013-12-09 Kevin WassermanMore fixes for Centos vala array property bug
2013-11-25 Kevin Wassermanbump release
2013-11-25 Kevin WassermanDo not call dbus_g_bus_get in headless mode on legacy...
2013-11-14 Kevin Wassermanbump release
2013-11-14 Kevin WassermanWorkaround vala 0.10 bug LP 1250543
2013-11-13 Kevin WassermanAttempt centos vala compiler bug workaround for moonsho...
2013-11-06 Kevin WassermanFix formatting
2013-11-04 Kevin WassermanBump release
2013-11-04 Kevin WassermanFix identity duplication bug
2013-11-04 Kevin WassermanModify identity selection logic / fix bugs
2013-10-30 Sam HartmanRequire desktop-file-utiles and shared-mime-info for...
2013-10-29 Sam Hartman%config(noreplace) not %conf
2013-10-29 Sam Hartmanspecfile: install flatstore-users
2013-10-29 Kevin WassermanAdd flatstore-users
2013-10-29 Kevin WassermanMerge branch 'master' of
2013-10-29 Kevin Wassermanupdate_card() returns modified card
2013-10-29 Kevin WassermanExpand right vbox, not left; don't specify right vbox...
2013-10-29 Kevin WassermanReselect current id card by nai when cards are reloaded.
2013-10-28 Sam Hartmanbuildrequire gnome-keyring-devel
2013-10-24 Kevin WassermanSignal parent widgets when expanding identity (LP 1228259)
2013-10-23 Kevin Wassermanbump release