descriptionMoonshot User Interface
ownerSam Hartman
last changeTue, 1 Aug 2017 16:45:02 +0000 (12:45 -0400)
2017-08-01 Dan BreslauBump the version number in to 1.0.5 master
2017-05-04 Dan BreslauAttempt to fix build for the usual case when log4vala... origin/master
2017-05-03 Dan BreslauSupport Log4Vala 0.2
2017-05-03 Dan BreslauFixed an assertion error that was found when trying...
2017-04-28 Dan Breslau
2017-02-20 Dan BreslauVarious stability fixes and logging improvements
2016-12-16 Dan BreslauFixed non-ASCII char in translatable text
2016-11-02 Dan BreslauFixed build errors that only showed up on launchpad
2016-11-02 Dan BreslauIf gee-0.8 is available, accept version 0.10.5 or above
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauIn TrustAnchorConfirmationRequest, check for headless... v0.9.6.2
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauGet the config file location from an environment variable
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauFor the TrustAnchor dialog, CANCEL should be the default. v0.9.6.1
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauFixed removal of services so that it doesn't affect... v0.9.6
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauAdded a confirmation dialog for clearing a Trust Anchor.
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauUse get_button_for_response() to get the YES button
2016-10-25 Dan BreslauImproved the dialog displayed in Leap of Faith scenarios
4 years ago moonshot-1.0.6-centos6
4 years ago centos-1.0.5-1
4 years ago moonshot_debian_1.0.6
4 years ago moonshot_debian_1.0.6-2
4 years ago moonshot_debian_1.0.5+deb7b2
4 years ago moonshot_debian_1.0.6-1
4 years ago moonshot_debian_1.0.5-2
4 years ago moonshot_debian_1.0.5+deb7b1
4 years ago moonshot_debian_1.0.5
4 years ago debian/1.0.3-2 Format: 1.8 Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2017...
4 years ago debian/ms-ui-1.0.3-1
4 years ago debian/ms-ui-1.0.2-2
5 years ago debian/ms-ui-1.0.2-1
5 years ago debiam/ms-ui-1.0.0-1
5 years ago debian/ms-ui-1.0.0-1
5 years ago v0.9.6.2 v0.9.6.2: Fixed Leap of Faith scena...
2 years ago libsecret_alex
3 years ago libsecret
4 years ago centos6
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4 years ago master
4 years ago pristine-tar
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