Fix broken reference on ui subproject
[moonshot.git] / source_packages
2017-07-17 Dan BreslauMerged tag release_3_0_15 into tr-integ in freeradius...
2017-02-02 Dan Breslautrivial change, to force a build
2016-06-03 Jennifer RichardsChanges / updates for CentOS 7 release.
2016-05-27 Jennifer RichardsAdd new submodules in place of old ones.
2015-05-19 Sam HartmanUpdate here too
2015-05-08 Sam HartmanFix typo
2015-05-08 Sam HartmanBuild mod-auth-kerb in master build
2014-05-09 Sam Hartmanfix typo
2014-05-09 Sam HartmanDisable xmltooling build until we sort out the epel...
2014-03-28 Sam HartmanInclude freeradius in build
2014-02-05 Sam HartmanSwitch to new libradsec repository layout
2013-05-10 Sam HartmanMerge branch 'redhat'
2013-04-29 Sam Hartmanfix package definition errors
2013-04-29 Sam HartmanMerge branch 'master' into redhat
2013-04-29 Sam HartmanFor now exclude freeradius
2013-03-26 Sam Hartmanadd freeradius-server to source_packages
2012-12-01 Sam HartmanAdd Trust router to build
2012-01-26 Sam HartmanStart building ui support
2011-04-28 Luke HowardMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/moonshot
2011-04-27 Luke Howardremove mech_eap/libeap from build packages and replace...
2011-03-31 Luke Howardremove cyrus-sasl for now (again)
2011-03-30 Luke Howardrevert cyrus-sasl to no autogenerated file version...
2011-03-30 Luke Howardremove cyrus-sasl from build, it doesn't build now...
2011-03-30 Luke Howardadd cyrus-sasl to build
2011-03-27 Luke Howardadd jansson to source_packages
2011-03-08 Sam HartmanActually build eap and mech_eap
2011-02-28 Sam HartmanDon't build freeradius; do build libradsec
2011-01-02 Luke HowardMerge branch 'master' of ssh://moonshot.suchdamage...
2010-11-16 Sam HartmanAdd extra packages
2010-11-16 Sam HartmanScript to build mainline packages