2017-07-17 Dan BreslauFix broken reference on ui subproject master
2017-07-17 Dan BreslauMerged tag release_3_0_15 into tr-integ in freeradius...
2017-06-09 Dan BreslauSync ui with the HEAD on master
2017-06-05 Dan BreslauMerge branch 'master' of
2017-06-05 Dan Breslaufreeradius-server is now sync'd with 3.0.14
2017-06-05 Dan BreslauMerge branch 'master' of
2017-06-05 Dan Breslaufreeradius-server is now sync'd with 3.0.14
2017-06-05 Dan BreslauDeleted obsolete patches
2017-05-11 Dan BreslauUpdate freeradius-server to point to moonshot_release_3...
2017-02-21 Dan BreslauStability fixes and logging improvements in ui
2017-02-02 Dan Breslautrivial change, to force a build
2017-01-30 Dan Breslaufreeradius is now upgraded to 3.0.12
2017-01-12 Sam HartmanUpdate to latest Trust Router release.
2017-01-12 Sam HartmanMerge branch 'master', remote branch 'origin'
2017-01-11 Sam HartmanUpdate trust_router version.
2016-12-21 Jennifer RichardsUpdate to latest trust_router version (2.1.0).
2016-12-16 Dan BreslauFixed non-ASCII char in translatable text
2016-10-26 Dan Breslauv0.9.6.2: Fixed Leap of Faith scenario in headless... v0.9.6.2
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauUpdating ui: For the TrustAnchor dialog, CANCEL should... v0.9.6.1
2016-10-26 Dan BreslauUpdated to Moonshot 0.9.6, supporting Leap of Faith... v0.9.6
2016-06-10 Jennifer RichardsRepoint submodules to remotes on git.project-moonshot...
2016-06-03 Jennifer RichardsChanges / updates for CentOS 7 release.
2016-06-03 Jennifer RichardsSupport bzip2 packaging for packages that expect it.
2016-05-27 Jennifer RichardsAdd new submodules in place of old ones.
2016-05-27 Jennifer RichardsRemove old submodules and insert new ones.
2015-12-02 Sam HartmanPackaging update for freeradius
2015-12-02 Sam HartmanRemove built products from source in freeradius
2015-12-02 Sam HartmanAnother try at ldflags
2015-12-02 Sam HartmanTry fixing quoting for ldflags
2015-12-02 Sam HartmanRevert "Don't use -Wl, for -L in builder"
2015-12-02 Sam HartmanDon't use -Wl, for -L in builder
2015-11-16 Sam HartmanFreeradius 3.0.10
2015-07-13 Sam HartmanNew release of moonshot-ui and mech_eap
2015-05-21 Sam HartmanFix mod_auth_gssapi config file location
2015-05-21 Sam Hartmanagain
2015-05-21 Sam HartmanActually build correct branch for mod_auth_gssapi
2015-05-21 Sam HartmanAnother fix
2015-05-21 Sam HartmanAnother mod_auth_gssapi fix
2015-05-21 Sam HartmanAnother try of mod_auth_gssapi
2015-05-20 Sam HartmanRebuild with fixed mod_auth_gssapi spec
2015-05-20 Sam HartmanBuild with right version for mod_auth_gssapi
2015-05-19 Sam HartmanUpdate here too
2015-05-19 Sam HartmanStart building mod_auth_gssapi
2015-05-08 Sam HartmanRemove krb4 bits from mod_auth_kerb
2015-05-08 Sam HartmanTry to get mod-auth-kerb to run with autoreconf
2015-05-08 Sam HartmanFix typo
2015-05-08 Sam HartmanBuild mod-auth-kerb in master build
2015-03-26 Sam HartmanRebuild to fix insert statement
2015-03-25 Sam Hartmantr 1.5.1
2015-03-25 Sam Hartman mech_eap 0.9.4
2015-03-25 Kevin WassermanUpdate ui
2015-03-18 Sam HartmanCentos trust router build
2015-03-17 Sam HartmanNew trust router with expiration fix
2015-03-16 Sam HartmanUpdate freeradius spec
2015-03-13 Sam HartmanBuild freeradius 3.0.7
2015-03-13 Sam HartmanUpdate schema for trust router
2015-03-12 Sam HartmanFix packaging error in trust_router
2015-03-12 Sam Hartmanfix typo in tr
2015-03-12 Sam Hartmannew mech_eap and trust_router
2015-03-12 Kevin Wassermanupdate moonshot-ui
2014-11-04 Sam HartmanTrust router: print default realm
2014-10-08 Sam HartmanNew trust router to fix centos home directory
2014-10-08 Sam HartmanNew freeradius to fix Adam's segfault
2014-10-07 Sam HartmanUpdate trust router spec file version
2014-10-07 Sam HartmanTrust router 1.4.1
2014-10-06 Sam HartmanRebuild for configure error
2014-10-03 Sam Hartmanupdate centos packaging for freeradius
2014-10-03 Sam HartmanUpdate freeradius to an actual 3.0.4 postrelease for...
2014-09-26 Sam HartmanFix file name in trust_router
2014-09-26 Sam HartmanLatest trust_router tids scripts from Stefan
2014-09-26 Sam HartmanFix trust router redhat build error
2014-09-23 Margaret WassermanTrust Router release 1.4.
2014-09-18 Sam HartmanUpdate centos packages
2014-07-31 Kevin Wassermanupdate ui for ubuntu fix
2014-07-30 Sam HartmanCentos spec fix for trust_router
2014-07-30 Sam HartmanStandardized approach to systemd unit files
2014-07-30 Sam HartmanOops, not a debian version
2014-07-30 Sam HartmanCentos updates
2014-07-30 Sam HartmanUpdate redhat config fr patch
2014-07-22 Kevin Wassermanmerge freeradius-server to tip of 3.0.x
2014-07-22 Sam HartmanUpdate for freeradius 3.0.4 and Trustrouter 1.3
2014-06-23 Sam HartmanUpdate ui to fix merge conflict
2014-06-23 Sam HartmanDon't update target for anything other than the first...
2014-06-06 Sam HartmanEnable TLS PSK for libradsec
2014-05-31 Sam HartmanMore packaging fixes
2014-05-30 Sam HartmanFix packaging error
2014-05-30 Sam HartmanPackaging updates for freeradius
2014-05-30 Sam HartmanFix compilation error in freeradius
2014-05-30 Sam HartmanUpdate freeradius for centos
2014-05-20 Sam HartmanInclude ui fixes
2014-05-09 Sam Hartmanfix typo
2014-05-09 Sam HartmanDisable xmltooling build until we sort out the epel...
2014-05-09 Sam HartmanTry freeradius rebuild
2014-03-28 Sam HartmanAvoid newlines in rpm_packages
2014-03-28 Sam HartmanInclude freeradius in build
2014-03-28 Sam hartmanInclude sources needed by RPM packages
2014-03-26 Sam HartmanInclude spec file update for 1.2-1
2014-03-25 Margaret WassermanMerge branch 'master' of
2014-03-25 Margaret WassermanUpdates to make trust_router build on Centos
2014-03-24 Kevin Wassermanupdate ui