2014-06-06 Sam HartmanEnable tls psk master
2014-02-05 Linus NordbergMove lib to the root.
2014-02-05 Linus NordbergMove .gitignore to lib/ in preparation for moving lib...
2014-02-03 Linus NordbergReady for libradsec-0.0.5. libradsec-0.0.5
2014-02-03 Linus NordbergAdd PRNG improvements to CHANGES.
2013-12-20 Linus NordbergUpdate documentation with info on multithread protection.
2013-12-20 Linus NordbergDetect POSIX threads at configure time and use them...
2013-12-20 Linus NordbergDon't use deprecated 'INCLUDES' variable in Makefile...
2013-12-20 Linus NordbergRemove unused code.
2013-12-20 Linus NordbergImprove initialisation of OpenSSL PRNG.
2013-12-18 Linus NordbergBump version number.
2013-12-18 Linus NordbergDistribute new CHANGES file. libradsec-0.0.4
2013-12-18 Linus NordbergUpdate documentation and configure.ac for libradsec...
2013-12-18 Linus NordbergClarify README.
2013-11-18 Linus NordbergAdd a debug printout when dropping an incoming response...
2013-11-18 Linus NordbergAvoid leaking memory when receiving a bad response.
2013-11-18 Linus NordbergStop rs_request_send() from leaking RSE_TIMEOUT_CONN...
2013-11-18 Linus NordbergDisable/delete events in the timeout callback.
2013-11-15 Linus NordbergMake sure that configure without --enable-tls works.
2013-10-03 Linus NordbergMerge branch 'libradsec' of git.nordu.net:radsecproxy...
2013-10-03 Linus NordbergImplement disable_hostname_check config option.
2013-10-01 Linus NordbergEnable TLS by default, configure time.
2013-05-17 Linus NordbergHave the library depend on radsec.sym. libradsec
2013-05-17 Linus NordbergMerge branch 'libradsec-add-avp-2' into libradsec
2013-05-17 Linus NordbergDon't provide bogus info in an error.
2013-05-17 Linus NordbergMove PSK example configuration to a separate file.
2013-05-15 Linus NordbergFix typo.
2013-05-15 Linus NordbergDon't crash on reading invalid messages.
2013-05-09 Linus NordbergWhitespace changes in license headers.
2013-05-09 Linus NordbergUpdate copyright years.
2013-05-09 Linus NordbergInclude stdlib.h everywhere we call (m|c)alloc.
2013-05-09 Linus NordbergUse malloc+memcpy rather than calloc+strcpy in rs_strdup.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergRevert "Bump library interface revision."
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergExport rs_packet_add_avp() and set library revision. libradsec-add-avp-2
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergClarify and reformat comments on how to use Libtool...
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergPass make distcheck.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergDon't include tests in SUBIDRS after all.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergInitial RPM packaging
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergAdd a few bits to README.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergExit tests with number of failures.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergAdd 'tests' to SUBDIRS to make 'make check' work.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergConstify the MD5 implementation.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergAdd rs_packet_add_avp() and use it.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergPush an error on the error stack when returning !RSE_OK.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergRevive RSE_MAX.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergAdd an assert in error handling code.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergRemove an unused error code and unusued RSE_MAX.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergFollow API change in tests.
2013-05-08 Linus NordbergRevert "Add formal argument 'secret' to two public...
2013-05-07 Sam HartmanAdd and fix RADIUS attributes (4b9e4cb1, e4b6e972).
2013-05-07 Linus NordbergBuild include before building '.'
2013-05-06 Linus NordbergUse CUnit for tests.
2013-05-06 Linus NordbergBump library interface revision.
2013-05-06 Linus NordbergBump version to 0.0.4.dev to keep ahead of moonshot.
2013-01-29 Linus NordbergImprove documentation.
2013-01-28 Linus NordbergRemove dead code.
2013-01-25 Linus NordbergUpdate HACKING with a rough road map.
2013-01-24 Linus NordbergAdd PSK example in examples/client.conf.
2013-01-24 Linus NordbergDo the test for PSK properly.
2013-01-24 Linus NordbergAdd two helper functions to conn.[ch].
2013-01-24 Linus NordbergOrder functions properly in conn.c.
2013-01-24 Linus NordbergDon't verify server certificate if we're using PSK.
2013-01-24 Linus NordbergAdd missing key files to demoCA.
2013-01-24 Linus NordbergRename rs_packet_flags members.
2013-01-23 Linus NordbergNew demo CA for tests.
2013-01-23 Linus NordbergHandle case where config hasn't yet been read better.
2013-01-23 Linus NordbergAdd some info on usage modes.
2013-01-22 Linus NordbergAdd docstrings and a comment.
2013-01-22 Linus NordbergRemove unnecessary #includes.
2013-01-22 Linus NordbergWhitespace.
2013-01-22 Linus NordbergCompile with -Werror.
2013-01-22 Linus NordbergRemove incorrect build instruction from HACKING.
2013-01-22 Linus NordbergAdd md5.[ch] for when we are configured without OpenSSL.
2013-01-22 Linus NordbergRevive radsecproxy.h and hostport_types.h and move...
2013-01-22 Linus NordbergClean up top dir.
2013-01-21 Linus NordbergMerge branch 'libradsec-new-client' into libradsec
2013-01-21 Linus NordbergUpdate README and HACKING. libradsec-new-client
2013-01-16 Linus NordbergFix a doc comment.
2012-12-19 Linus NordbergDefine WITHOUT_OPENSSL if we don't have openssl.
2012-12-19 Linus NordbergFix typos.
2012-12-19 Linus NordbergRemove generated autotools files.
2012-12-19 Linus NordbergRename COPYING -> LICENSE.
2012-12-18 Linus NordbergRemove the option to use GPLv2 as the license.
2012-12-18 Linus NordbergConfig docu.
2012-12-18 Linus NordbergWhitespace.
2012-12-18 Linus NordbergInclude <sys/types.h> for Junos.
2012-12-17 Linus NordbergWhitespace.
2012-12-17 Linus NordbergAdd formal argument 'secret' to two public functions.
2012-12-17 Linus NordbergExample code: Print a little bit more helpful informati...
2012-12-17 Linus NordbergExample code: Don't create rs_error on failing context...
2012-12-17 Linus NordbergDocu: Fix libevent url.
2012-12-17 Linus NordbergDocu: Remove dependency on libradius.
2012-12-12 Linus NordbergFix language.
2012-04-27 Linus NordbergMerge libradsec-new-client.
2012-04-27 Linus NordbergFix struct in6_addr undefined.
2012-04-26 Linus NordbergVerify certificate CN against configured hostname.
2012-04-26 Linus NordbergImplement cert verification.
2012-04-26 Linus NordbergHandle failing rs_context_create().
2012-04-26 Linus NordbergUse existing temporary variable conn.
2012-04-26 Linus NordbergAdd an error code.