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ownerSam Hartman
last changeFri, 6 Jun 2014 11:49:40 +0000 (07:49 -0400)
2014-06-06 Sam HartmanEnable tls psk master
2014-02-05 Linus NordbergMove lib to the root.
2014-02-05 Linus NordbergMove .gitignore to lib/ in preparation for moving lib...
2014-02-03 Linus NordbergReady for libradsec-0.0.5. libradsec-0.0.5
2014-02-03 Linus NordbergAdd PRNG improvements to CHANGES.
2013-12-20 Linus NordbergUpdate documentation with info on multithread protection.
2013-12-20 Linus NordbergDetect POSIX threads at configure time and use them...
2013-12-20 Linus NordbergDon't use deprecated 'INCLUDES' variable in Makefile...
2013-12-20 Linus NordbergRemove unused code.
2013-12-20 Linus NordbergImprove initialisation of OpenSSL PRNG.
2013-12-18 Linus NordbergBump version number.
2013-12-18 Linus NordbergDistribute new CHANGES file. libradsec-0.0.4
2013-12-18 Linus NordbergUpdate documentation and for libradsec...
2013-12-18 Linus NordbergClarify README.
2013-11-18 Linus NordbergAdd a debug printout when dropping an incoming response...
2013-11-18 Linus NordbergAvoid leaking memory when receiving a bad response.
4 years ago debian/0.0.5-3 Format: 1.8 Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2016...
6 years ago debian/0.0.5-2+bpo70+1 Wheezy backports upload
7 years ago debian/0.0.5-2 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-...
7 years ago debian/0.0.5-1 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-...
7 years ago libradsec-0.0.5 libradsec-0.0.5
7 years ago libradsec-0.0.4 libradsec-0.0.4
8 years ago radsecproxy-1.6.5 radsecproxy-1.6.5
8 years ago radsecproxy-1.6.4 radsecproxy-1.6.4
8 years ago radsecproxy- radsecproxy-
8 years ago radsecproxy-1.6.3 radsecproxy-1.6.3
8 years ago radsecproxy-1.6.3-rc0 radsecproxy-1.6.3-rc0
9 years ago radsecproxy-1.6.2 radsecproxy-1.6.2
9 years ago radsecproxy-1.6.1 radsecproxy-1.6.1
9 years ago radsecproxy-1.6 radsecproxy-1.6
9 years ago radsecproxy-1.6-rc2 radsecproxy-1.6-rc2
9 years ago radsecproxy-1.6-rc1 radsecproxy-1.6-rc1
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6 years ago wheezy-backports
7 years ago pristine-tar
7 years ago moonshot
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8 years ago maint-1.6
8 years ago proxy-state
8 years ago pthread_create_attr
8 years ago RADSECPROXY-51
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