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2008-12-29 Scott CantorXerces 3 revisions.
2008-09-23 Scott CantorBump version to 2.2.
2008-09-22 Scott Cantor
2008-08-13 Scott CantorBump the version to 2.1.1 for anybody pulling fixes.
2008-07-01 Scott CantorRev version and add README file.
2008-06-04 Scott CantorUpdate version headers and autoconf scripts.
2007-11-13 Scott CantorRemove duplicate STL check.
2007-11-13 Scott CantorSolaris compiler doesn't like two include macros on...
2007-10-21 Scott CantorFix log4shib/log4cpp link check.
2007-10-11 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-10-02 Scott CantorCheck for xmlsec 1.4.
2007-09-10 Scott CantorAdd samlsign to project.
2007-08-01 Scott CantorOnly check log headers for the chosen version.
2007-07-31 Scott CantorConvert logging to log4shib via compile time switch.
2007-05-12 Scott CantorAdd doc to Makefile set.
2007-05-12 Scott CantorUpdate thread config macro, add openssl headers to...
2007-05-11 Scott CantorTry to patch around Sun compiler bug.
2007-04-26 Scott CantorAdd xmlsec version check.
2006-11-18 Scott CantorMerged trust engines back into a unified version, made...
2006-11-09 Scott Cantorzlib conf fix, header case fix
2006-11-09 Scott CantorAdd zlib option.
2006-07-16 Scott CantorHandle 32-bit time size
2006-05-10 Scott CantorReference xmltooling headers for doxygen
2006-05-10 Scott CantorUnix fixes
2006-05-03 Scott CantorInitial check-in.