Update gitignore to account for subdirs / missing files.
[shibboleth/cpp-opensaml.git] / cpp-opensaml2.sln
2012-10-29 Scott Cantorhttps://issues.shibboleth.net/jira/browse/CPPOST-78
2012-07-25 Scott CantorAdd SLO schema to build
2011-12-14 Scott CantorBoost related changes
2011-08-03 Scott CantorUpdate VS solution with misc file changes.
2010-11-17 Scott Cantorhttps://issues.shibboleth.net/jira/browse/CPPOST-58
2010-10-13 Scott CantorUpdate misc project file references.
2010-10-09 Scott CantorAdd schemas, metadata extension code for discovery...
2010-09-14 Scott CantorImplement disco/UI extensions
2010-05-04 Scott CantorVS10 solution files.
2010-03-04 Scott CantorAdd non-build files to VS projects.
2010-03-04 Scott CantorAdd non-build files to VS projects.
2009-02-03 Scott CantorMigrate makefiles to MSVC9
2008-06-23 Scott CantorAdd cross-compile targets for x64.
2007-09-10 Scott CantorAdd samlsign to project.
2006-05-10 Scott CantorCompleted SAML 1 assertion schema, started test cases.
2006-05-03 Scott CantorInitial check-in.