Add policy rules for SAML 1 SSO and SAML 2 Bearer confirmation, with unit tests.
[shibboleth/cpp-opensaml.git] / saml / binding / SecurityPolicyRule.h
2009-02-23 Scott CantorAdd policy rules for SAML 1 SSO and SAML 2 Bearer confi...
2009-02-20 Scott CantorNew policy rules for handling conditions.
2009-02-18 Scott CantorPrepare policy API for mix-in subclassing. Allow policy...
2007-09-17 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-08-09 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-06-22 Scott CantorRegister NullSecurity rule. 2.0-alpha1
2007-05-19 Scott CantorMoved request/response APIs out.
2007-02-09 Scott CantorShorten "built-in" plugin types.
2007-02-02 Scott CantorUpdate copyright.
2006-12-12 Scott CantorRevert to exception-based policy errors, add "secure...
2006-12-12 Scott CantorReturn results from policy rules.
2006-12-12 Scott CantorPolicy rule redesign for factor out issuer handling.
2006-11-23 Scott CantorAllow message-only policy rules, basic SAML SOAP client.
2006-11-18 Scott CantorMerged trust engines back into a unified version, made...
2006-11-11 Scott CantorMerged issuer/protocol extraction back into rules.
2006-11-09 Scott CantorAdd TLS client auth rule.
2006-11-09 Scott CantorFactor out issuer/protocol extraction.
2006-11-09 Scott CantorMoved dest. check back to decoders, policy API changes.
2006-11-07 Scott CantorRaw signature trust support, Redirect binding, "simple...
2006-11-03 Scott CantorAdded MessageRoutingRule for destination checks.
2006-11-03 Scott CantorRevamped binding classes with security policy layer.