Add policy rules for SAML 1 SSO and SAML 2 Bearer confirmation, with unit tests.
[shibboleth/cpp-opensaml.git] / saml / saml.vcproj
2009-02-23 Scott CantorAdd policy rules for SAML 1 SSO and SAML 2 Bearer confi...
2009-02-20 Scott CantorNew policy rules for handling conditions.
2009-02-03 Scott CantorMigrate makefiles to MSVC9
2008-12-29 Scott CantorXerces 3 revisions.
2008-09-23 Scott CantorBump version to 2.2.
2008-07-11 Scott CantorBump library version.
2008-07-01 Scott CantorRev version and add README file.
2008-06-23 Scott CantorAdd cross-compile targets for x64.
2008-03-13 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-11-06 Scott CantorECP message decoder.
2007-11-06 Scott CantorECP message encoder (requests via PAOS, responses via...
2007-09-17 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-09-13 Scott CantorAdd version resource.
2007-08-29 Scott CantorDynamic metadata provider implementation.
2007-07-31 Scott CantorConvert logging to log4shib via compile time switch.
2007-05-31 Scott CantorCGI parser wasn't being used inside the library.
2007-05-19 Scott CantorMoved request/response APIs out.
2007-05-11 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-04-27 Scott CantorAdd licenses, remove dependency on OpenSSL.
2007-04-20 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-04-12 Scott CantorAdd credential context APIs, refactor criteria matching...
2007-04-09 Scott CantorSettable digest algorithm, enhanced prefix handling...
2007-03-30 Scott CantorRework observer constness, fix SOAP client virtual...
2007-03-26 Scott CantorMajor revamp of credential and trust handling code...
2007-03-17 Scott CantorSAML 2 SSO validator.
2007-03-11 Scott CantorScale back logging.
2007-03-08 Scott CantorMoved URLEncoder down to tooling lib, added exception...
2007-03-07 Scott CantorSAML 1.x SSO assertion validator.
2007-03-07 Scott CantorBasic assertion validator.
2007-03-06 Scott CantorNull security rule for disabling security checks.
2007-03-06 Scott CantorCollapse unneeded header files.
2007-03-05 Scott CantorAdded marker interface for assertion types.
2007-02-27 Scott CantorMoved CGI parsing class down to SAML utility class.
2007-02-12 Scott CantorFixes to SOAP clients
2007-01-03 Scott CantorLayered basic metadata plugin on top of new base class.
2007-01-02 Scott CantorClean up catalogs, metadata endpoint mgmt template.
2006-12-12 Scott CantorPolicy rule redesign for factor out issuer handling.
2006-12-01 Scott CantorRenamed XML library.
2006-11-30 Scott CantorCopied in CDC class from Shib
2006-11-24 Scott CantorSAML 2.0 SOAP client.
2006-11-24 Scott CantorSAML 1.x SOAP client.
2006-11-23 Scott CantorAllow message-only policy rules, basic SAML SOAP client.
2006-11-21 Scott CantorAdd code for non-covariant build.
2006-11-18 Scott CantorMerged trust engines back into a unified version, made...
2006-11-12 Scott Cantor2.0 SOAP Encoder
2006-11-12 Scott CantorFirst SOAP encoder.
2006-11-12 Scott CantorSOAP decoders.
2006-11-09 Scott CantorAdd TLS client auth rule.
2006-11-09 Scott CantorMoved dest. check back to decoders, policy API changes.
2006-11-07 Scott CantorRaw signature trust support, Redirect binding, "simple...
2006-11-03 Scott CantorAdded MessageRoutingRule for destination checks.
2006-11-03 Scott CantorRevamped binding classes with security policy layer.
2006-10-11 Scott CantorSAML 2 Artifact decoder/test, with some API adjustments.
2006-10-09 Scott CantorMoved ReplayCache into xmltooling
2006-10-09 Scott Cantor1.x Artifact decoder, unit test.
2006-10-06 Scott Cantor2.0 POST binding and test
2006-10-02 Scott CantorReplayCache, some decoder work, and merged schema valid...
2006-09-27 Scott CantorMoved URLEncoder into separate header, made it a global...
2006-09-27 Scott CantorFactor out XML signing code, add SAML 2 Artifact/POST
2006-09-26 Scott CantorMessageEncoder, ArtifactMap, and SAML 1.x encoder classes.
2006-09-15 Scott CantorMoved artifact source code into binding folders.
2006-09-11 Scott CantorAdded abstract metadata base, chaining trust and metada...
2006-09-06 Scott CantorAllow for use as XMLTooling extension, clean up some...
2006-08-25 Scott CantorPKIX TrustEngine.
2006-08-21 Scott CantorSAML TrustEngine wrappers, ExplicitKeyTrustEngine plugin.
2006-08-13 Scott CantorAdd signature-checking metadata filter.
2006-08-13 Scott CantorAdd metadata observation hook.
2006-08-01 Scott CantorSAML 2.0 artifact bits plus tests
2006-08-01 Scott CantorSAML 1.x artifact bits
2006-07-16 Scott CantorMetadata filters, filter auto-registration, and unit...
2006-07-12 Scott CantorRemoved ValidatingXMLObject interface and implementatio...
2006-07-03 Scott CantorReworked int/bool attribute handling.
2006-06-19 Scott CantorFirst metadata check-in, misc. fixes.
2006-06-12 Scott CantorInitial decryption and schema support for encrypted...
2006-05-30 Scott CantorRenamed 2.0 source files to fix automake collision.
2006-05-30 Scott CantorCompleted 2.0 assertions schema classes.
2006-05-18 Scott CantorRefactored signature handling.
2006-05-16 Scott CantorCloning fixes, initial protocol check-in.
2006-05-14 Scott CantorSAML Signature subclasses and test.
2006-05-08 Scott CantorSAML objects in progress.
2006-05-04 Scott CantorStarting SAML 1.x implementation.
2006-05-03 Scott CantorInitial check-in.