2016-02-02 Scott CantorSet fourth file version digit to signify rebuild. master v2.5.5.1-moonshot
2015-08-26 Ian YoungINFRA-120 perform Subversion repository conversions...
2015-07-20 Scott CantorAdd ignores to unit test directory. 2.5.5
2015-07-20 Scott CantorIgnore object files
2015-07-20 Scott CantorReset gitignore and make explicit changes
2015-07-20 Scott CantorRequire latest xml-sec / xmltooling in specfile.
2015-07-20 Scott CantorUpdate gitignore to account for subdirs / missing files.
2015-07-09 Scott CantorRemove api directory from dist.
2015-07-05 Scott CantorVersion bump
2015-07-05 Scott CantorCPPXT-104 - Add exception handling to integer conversions
2015-06-30 Scott CantorCPPOST-91 - BOOST autoconf macros break with gcc5
2015-03-19 Scott CantorFix Win lib version strings 2.5.4
2015-03-09 Scott CantorSwitch to bz2 source
2015-03-04 Scott CantorFix eol props on Windows files, add bz2/zip dist targets
2015-02-26 Scott CantorUpdate library version header, require Xerces 3.1 on...
2015-01-23 Scott CantorSSPCPP-616 - clean up concatenated string literals
2015-01-22 Scott Cantor
2015-01-22 Scott Cantor
2015-01-21 Scott CantorBump library version
2015-01-09 Scott Cantor
2014-08-27 Scott Cantor
2013-11-28 Scott CantorUpdate build revision
2013-05-21 Scott CantorRemove local msbuild files 2.5.3
2013-05-21 Scott CantorRemove outdated build files
2013-05-21 Scott CantorBump version and parameterize msbuild path
2013-05-06 Scott Cantor
2013-02-26 Scott CantorRemove makefile
2013-02-26 Scott CantorWorking copies of msbuild files from last release
2013-02-24 Scott Cantor
2013-01-09 Scott Cantor 2.5.2
2012-12-10 Scott CantorExtra .svn tree underneath msbuild 2.5.1
2012-12-08 Scott Cantor
2012-12-04 Scott CantorNo need for dist-hook anymore
2012-11-29 Scott CantorBit of logging to detect missing extension
2012-11-07 Scott CantorForgot to add schema file for CPPOST-78
2012-10-29 Scott Cantor
2012-10-29 Scott Cantor
2012-10-26 Scott CantorBump version with boost update
2012-10-26 Scott CantorBump version to 2.5.1
2012-10-15 Scott CantorAdd msbuild to dist
2012-10-14 Rod WiddowsonMove to explicitly included properties for the include...
2012-10-06 Scott Cantor
2012-07-31 Scott CantorAdd version resource to samlsign 2.5.0
2012-07-25 Scott CantorUpdate vendor
2012-07-25 Scott CantorAdd SLO schema to build
2012-07-24 Scott CantorFix a cleanup bug in a single threaded case
2012-07-10 Scott CantorMissed a period in namespace.
2012-07-10 Scott CantorRegister extension element/type.
2012-07-10 Scott CantorBump log4shib requirement
2012-07-10 Scott Cantor
2012-06-24 Scott CantorUse GCM in test when possible.
2012-06-24 Scott CantorEmpty out metadata file for builds.
2012-05-22 Scott CantorUse better smart pointers in tests
2012-05-22 Scott CantorFix some failing tests
2012-05-22 Scott CantorConvert context API to use const objects and support...
2012-05-22 Scott CantorSwitch to scoped ptr
2012-05-22 Scott CantorAdd context API to metadata filters.
2012-05-17 Scott CantorFix 64-bit test path
2012-05-17 Scott CantorInclude patch version
2012-05-10 Scott CantorMissing log of exception in filter
2012-05-09 Scott Cantor
2012-04-16 Scott CantorSwitch from auto_ptr to scoped_ptr.
2012-03-29 Scott CantorAlign xml:lang handling to new base class method.
2012-03-16 Scott Cantor
2012-03-16 Scott Cantor
2012-03-15 Scott CantorRemove HTTP assumption
2012-03-14 Scott Cantor
2012-03-02 Scott CantorAdd option to reject unauthenticated ciphers
2012-02-29 Scott CantorSimpler config and regex support in entity matcher
2012-02-27 Scott CantorFix second c'tor
2012-02-27 Scott CantorFix a typo in constructor
2012-02-26 Scott Cantor
2012-02-26 Scott Cantor
2012-02-26 Scott Cantor
2012-02-23 Scott CantorSwitch to pointer parameters to fix boost bug.
2012-02-22 Scott Cantor
2012-02-22 Scott Cantor
2012-02-22 Scott Cantor
2012-02-22 Scott Cantor
2012-02-22 Scott Cantor
2012-02-22 Scott CantorSmall adjustments to filters
2012-02-11 Scott CantorPropagate dropDOM setting into child plugins
2012-02-01 Scott CantorFix test case reference to Status
2012-02-01 Scott CantorRefactor contact handling
2012-01-31 Scott CantorAdd Status base class.
2012-01-27 Scott CantorSupport option to keep DOM
2012-01-11 Scott CantorSwitched to scoped lock to fix missing header
2012-01-06 Scott CantorSwitch to scoped_ptr/swap pattern
2011-12-29 Scott CantorCheck for smart ptr library
2011-12-25 Scott CantorSolaris fixes
2011-12-24 Scott CantorAdjust Lock API
2011-12-24 Scott CantorClone macros
2011-12-23 Scott CantorClone macros
2011-12-22 Scott CantorFix compiler issue for Debian
2011-12-22 Scott CantorAdditional macros and cleanup for cloning
2011-12-22 Scott Cantorboost changes and header fixes
2011-12-15 Scott CantorHeader and boost fixes for Debian
2011-12-14 Scott CantorAdd boost-devel dependency.
2011-12-14 Scott Cantorgcc compiler fixes
2011-12-14 Scott CantorBoost changes