2009-02-23 Scott CantorAdd policy rules for SAML 1 SSO and SAML 2 Bearer confi...
2009-02-20 Scott CantorExpose audience collection on security policy.
2009-02-20 Scott CantorNew policy rules for handling conditions.
2009-02-18 Scott CantorPrepare policy API for mix-in subclassing. Allow policy...
2009-02-16 Scott Cantor
2009-02-04 Scott CantorRework support for libcurl-based input to parser.
2009-02-03 Scott CantorMigrate makefiles to MSVC9
2009-01-27 Scott Cantor
2009-01-27 Scott Cantor
2008-12-29 Scott CantorXerces 3 revisions.
2008-12-08 Scott CantorBump lib version.
2008-12-03 Scott Cantor
2008-11-21 Scott Cantor
2008-10-07 Scott CantorAvoid logging errors if multiple bearer confirmations...
2008-10-02 Scott Cantor
2008-09-30 Scott CantorFix catalog fixup to allow install loc to not overlap...
2008-09-30 Scott CantorBump dependency version.
2008-09-24 Scott Cantor
2008-09-23 Scott CantorBump version to 2.2.
2008-09-22 Scott Cantor
2008-09-19 Scott CantorPlug a few memory leaks.
2008-08-27 Scott Cantor
2008-08-13 Scott CantorBump libtool revision.
2008-08-13 Scott CantorBump the version to 2.1.1 for anybody pulling fixes.
2008-08-13 Scott Cantor
2008-08-11 Scott CantorForgot to update Windows version of config.h
2008-08-08 Scott CantorAdd option to disable name checks. 2.1.0
2008-08-06 Scott CantorUpdate README with bug fix list.
2008-07-23 Scott Cantor
2008-07-22 Scott CantorFix release number.
2008-07-22 Scott CantorUpdate Solaris dependency.
2008-07-17 Scott CantorAdd an include path to Eclipse project file.
2008-07-15 Scott CantorFinish adding role verification.
2008-07-14 Scott CantorDisallow metadata that's statically invalid at the...
2008-07-11 Scott CantorBump library version.
2008-07-10 Scott CantorLimit validity of non-local metadata based on cacheDura...
2008-07-10 Scott Cantor
2008-07-10 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2008-07-10 Scott Cantor
2008-07-02 Scott CantorMissing delete.
2008-07-02 Scott CantorAdd setting to limit metadata caching.
2008-07-01 Scott Cantor
2008-07-01 Scott CantorRev version and add README file.
2008-07-01 Scott Cantor
2008-06-23 Scott CantorAdd cross-compile targets for x64.
2008-06-14 Scott CantorFix parameter name to match doc comment.
2008-06-13 Scott Cantor
2008-06-11 Scott Cantor
2008-06-04 Scott CantorUpdate version headers and autoconf scripts.
2008-06-04 Scott CantorMake test data align with KeyInfo changes in xmltooling.
2008-05-28 Scott Cantor
2008-05-27 Scott Cantor
2008-05-13 Scott Cantor
2008-03-30 Scott CantorRemove extra 'd' in unspecified constants.
2008-03-25 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2008-03-18 Scott CantorAdd Solaris pkg dependency. 2.0.0
2008-03-18 Scott CantorCorrect serial number in test data.
2008-03-17 Scott CantorMore Solaris package changes.
2008-03-15 Scott Cantorline feeds
2008-03-14 Scott CantorPrepping for release.
2008-03-14 Scott CantorBack out nil property.
2008-03-13 Scott CantorAdd nil flag to AttributeValue.
2008-03-13 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2008-03-04 Scott CantorRemove extra eol from log stream.
2008-02-08 Scott CantorAllow role lookup with no protocol.
2008-02-08 Scott CantorAdd implicit support for a "null" protocol.
2008-02-06 Scott CantorBump revision.
2008-02-01 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2008-01-30 Scott CantorSupport path resolution in binding templates.
2008-01-30 Scott CantorOverride default package for path resolution.
2008-01-29 Scott CantorRemove extra logging.
2008-01-28 Scott CantorFixed missing unlock when entity found, but role wasn't.
2008-01-28 Scott CantorTemp logging.
2008-01-18 Scott CantorUpdate revision. 2.0-rc1
2008-01-17 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2008-01-16 Scott CantorSwitch to memory input source to allow for 16-bit data.
2008-01-12 Scott CantorRecurse into groups.
2008-01-10 Scott CantorCheck for empty payload.
2008-01-07 Scott CantorRemoved old method.
2007-12-26 Scott CantorFix handling of errorFatal flag in rules.
2007-12-17 Scott CantorClarify error messages.
2007-12-15 Scott CantorTry adding api folder to dist.
2007-12-14 Scott CantorAdd flag to block non-entity issuers.
2007-12-14 Scott CantorFix for no conditions.
2007-12-13 Scott CantorImprove exception message.
2007-12-07 Scott CantorFix bad STL branch.
2007-11-20 Scott CantorAdd linefeeds to log, add logging of additional inbound... 2.0-beta2
2007-11-20 Scott CantorLog outbound XML in msg encoders.
2007-11-19 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-11-14 Scott Cantorline feed change
2007-11-14 Scott CantorRemove Solaris checkinstall file.
2007-11-13 Scott CantorSolaris needs const casts.
2007-11-13 Scott CantorSolaris needs const casts.
2007-11-13 Scott CantorRemove duplicate STL check.
2007-11-13 Scott CantorUpdated Solaris packaging files.
2007-11-13 Scott CantorSolaris compiler doesn't like two include macros on...
2007-11-09 Scott CantorHandle conditional test inclusion.
2007-11-08 Scott CantorAdd option to search all providers and warn on duplicates.
2007-11-08 Scott CantorCollapse entity/role lookup in metadata API.
2007-11-08 Scott CantorConvert role lookups to find_if algorithm.