2010-10-31 Scott CantorAdjust cxxtest path in custom build rules. 2.4RC1
2010-10-27 Scott CantorFix error/warning about reload settings.
2010-10-27 Scott CantorRequire pkg-config only on SUSE.
2010-10-27 Scott CantorNeed xstring declaration on older compilers.
2010-10-27 Scott CantorSUSE 11.3 Xerces package rename.
2010-10-26 Scott CantorEnsure MetadataProvider c'tor is called.
2010-10-23 Scott CantorMove AC_DISABLE_STATIC above libtool init.
2010-10-23 Scott CantorBack off libtool macro for compatibility.
2010-10-21 Scott CantorAdd legacy option for fallback to OrgDisplayName, use...
2010-10-20 Scott CantorBack off autoconf version.
2010-10-13 Scott CantorUpdate misc project file references.
2010-10-12 Scott CantorAdditional cleanup
2010-10-12 Scott CantorFix macro warning.
2010-10-12 Scott CantorFix tarball name.
2010-10-12 Scott CantorFix vc solution file names
2010-10-12 Scott CantorFix vc solution file names
2010-10-12 Scott CantorStart revisions of autotools material.
2010-10-11 Scott Cantor
2010-10-09 Scott CantorReversed the namespaces on extension builders.
2010-10-09 Scott CantorRegister builders/validators for metadata extensions.
2010-10-09 Scott CantorAdd schemas, metadata extension code for discovery...
2010-09-28 Scott CantorFix JSON array punctuation.
2010-09-26 Scott CantorHandle openssl when pkg_config not supported.
2010-09-23 Scott CantorFix integer handling in feed.
2010-09-22 Scott CantorGet rid of empty struct in each feed.
2010-09-20 Scott CantorAdjust array and struct names.
2010-09-19 Scott CantorRevert reordering of libtool macros.
2010-09-18 Scott Cantor
2010-09-18 Scott CantorShould be virtual inheritance.
2010-09-16 Scott CantorAdd missing namespace.
2010-09-16 Scott CantorFix registration of UI extension validators, improve...
2010-09-14 Scott CantorImplement disco/UI extensions
2010-09-14 Scott CantorReorder libtool macros.
2010-09-14 Scott CantorAdd const cast for older xmlsec.
2010-09-14 Scott CantorSet EOL.
2010-09-14 Scott CantorAdd algsupport extension schema.
2010-09-06 Scott Cantor
2010-09-06 Scott Cantor
2010-09-01 Scott Cantor
2010-09-01 Scott CantorEnsure reload thread is started up even if init fails.
2010-08-21 Scott Cantor
2010-08-20 Scott Cantor
2010-08-19 Scott Cantor
2010-08-18 Scott CantorAdd clone before verifying to test for document attachm...
2010-08-11 Scott CantorRoll back previous change, not going to work.
2010-08-11 Scott CantorAdd short name to encoders/decoders for endpoint genera...
2010-08-10 Scott CantorAdd property for protocol family to encoders/decoders.
2010-07-30 Scott CantorDefault the binding template property.
2010-07-22 Scott CantorUpdate ctors to use new attribute shortcuts.
2010-07-22 Scott CantorCheck for xmltooling >= 1.4
2010-07-20 Scott CantorOverride for logging variable.
2010-06-08 Scott CantorAdd explicit config to follow KeyInfoReferences.
2010-06-08 Scott CantorAlter trust engine test to leverage KeyInfoReference.
2010-06-08 Scott CantorFix svn properties.
2010-05-24 Scott Cantor
2010-05-24 Scott Cantor
2010-05-24 Scott Cantor
2010-05-17 Scott CantorImprove error messages.
2010-05-14 Scott CantorRemove unneeded header.
2010-05-05 Scott CantorSuppress dll-interface warnings.
2010-05-05 Scott CantorSwitch to vc10 toolset.
2010-05-05 Scott CantorConvert from NULL macro to nullptr, remove unused zlib...
2010-05-04 Scott CantorVS10 solution files.
2010-04-30 Scott CantorAttempt to fix SUSE 11.2 build by reordering lib flags...
2010-04-30 Scott CantorFix Obsoletes versioning.
2010-04-14 Scott CantorAdd zlib DLL to build.
2010-04-02 Scott Cantor
2010-04-02 Scott CantorFix race condition during shutdown.
2010-04-02 Scott CantorFix race condition during shutdown.
2010-03-31 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2010-03-04 Scott CantorAdd non-build files to VS projects.
2010-03-04 Scott CantorAdd non-build files to VS projects.
2010-03-04 Scott CantorSwitch Win32 charset to MBCS
2010-02-15 Scott CantorWrap importNode call in exception handler.
2010-01-19 Scott Cantor
2010-01-18 Scott CantorPatch validUntil date for tests.
2010-01-05 Scott CantorUpdate Eclipse source folder list.
2009-12-28 Scott CantorSide by side installs, and separate -schemas package.
2009-12-28 Scott CantorRoll back schema directory changes, didn't consider...
2009-12-27 Scott CantorCorrect pkgconfig macro.
2009-12-25 Scott CantorBump version, add pkg-config support, version schema...
2009-12-10 Scott CantorWarn on pkg-config openssl failure and try default...
2009-12-09 Scott CantorAdd logging around expired entry detection/use.
2009-12-01 Scott CantorUpdate includes.
2009-11-24 Scott CantorAdd additional logging and fix a leak on an error path.
2009-11-04 Scott Cantor 2.3
2009-11-03 Scott CantorUndo using decl.
2009-11-03 Scott CantorMissing header.
2009-11-03 Scott CantorMissing header.
2009-11-03 Scott CantorBump soname to bypass accidental overlap with 1.x library.
2009-11-03 Scott CantorUpdate ignores.
2009-11-03 Scott CantorUpdate ignores.
2009-11-03 Scott CantorUpdate libtool script
2009-11-03 Scott CantorUpdate ignores.
2009-11-02 Scott CantorRemediate use of deprecated hashing function.
2009-11-02 Scott CantorUpdate source paths.
2009-11-02 Scott CantorBump dependent versions.
2009-11-01 Scott CantorUpdate include paths.
2009-10-30 Scott CantorCorrect eol-style property.
2009-10-30 Scott CantorCorrect eol-style property.