2012-07-31 Scott CantorAdd version resource to samlsign 2.5.0
2012-07-25 Scott CantorUpdate vendor
2012-07-25 Scott CantorAdd SLO schema to build
2012-07-24 Scott CantorFix a cleanup bug in a single threaded case
2012-07-10 Scott CantorMissed a period in namespace.
2012-07-10 Scott CantorRegister extension element/type.
2012-07-10 Scott CantorBump log4shib requirement
2012-07-10 Scott Cantor
2012-06-24 Scott CantorUse GCM in test when possible.
2012-06-24 Scott CantorEmpty out metadata file for builds.
2012-05-22 Scott CantorUse better smart pointers in tests
2012-05-22 Scott CantorFix some failing tests
2012-05-22 Scott CantorConvert context API to use const objects and support...
2012-05-22 Scott CantorSwitch to scoped ptr
2012-05-22 Scott CantorAdd context API to metadata filters.
2012-05-17 Scott CantorFix 64-bit test path
2012-05-17 Scott CantorInclude patch version
2012-05-10 Scott CantorMissing log of exception in filter
2012-05-09 Scott Cantor
2012-04-16 Scott CantorSwitch from auto_ptr to scoped_ptr.
2012-03-29 Scott CantorAlign xml:lang handling to new base class method.
2012-03-16 Scott Cantor
2012-03-16 Scott Cantor
2012-03-15 Scott CantorRemove HTTP assumption
2012-03-14 Scott Cantor
2012-03-02 Scott CantorAdd option to reject unauthenticated ciphers
2012-02-29 Scott CantorSimpler config and regex support in entity matcher
2012-02-27 Scott CantorFix second c'tor
2012-02-27 Scott CantorFix a typo in constructor
2012-02-26 Scott Cantor
2012-02-26 Scott Cantor
2012-02-26 Scott Cantor
2012-02-23 Scott CantorSwitch to pointer parameters to fix boost bug.
2012-02-22 Scott Cantor
2012-02-22 Scott Cantor
2012-02-22 Scott Cantor
2012-02-22 Scott Cantor
2012-02-22 Scott Cantor
2012-02-22 Scott CantorSmall adjustments to filters
2012-02-11 Scott CantorPropagate dropDOM setting into child plugins
2012-02-01 Scott CantorFix test case reference to Status
2012-02-01 Scott CantorRefactor contact handling
2012-01-31 Scott CantorAdd Status base class.
2012-01-27 Scott CantorSupport option to keep DOM
2012-01-11 Scott CantorSwitched to scoped lock to fix missing header
2012-01-06 Scott CantorSwitch to scoped_ptr/swap pattern
2011-12-29 Scott CantorCheck for smart ptr library
2011-12-25 Scott CantorSolaris fixes
2011-12-24 Scott CantorAdjust Lock API
2011-12-24 Scott CantorClone macros
2011-12-23 Scott CantorClone macros
2011-12-22 Scott CantorFix compiler issue for Debian
2011-12-22 Scott CantorAdditional macros and cleanup for cloning
2011-12-22 Scott Cantorboost changes and header fixes
2011-12-15 Scott CantorHeader and boost fixes for Debian
2011-12-14 Scott CantorAdd boost-devel dependency.
2011-12-14 Scott Cantorgcc compiler fixes
2011-12-14 Scott CantorBoost changes
2011-12-14 Scott CantorBoost related changes
2011-12-14 Scott CantorBoost related changes
2011-11-22 Scott Cantor
2011-11-21 Scott Cantor
2011-11-15 Scott CantorEnable POSIX signatures on Solaris, and fix Unix direct...
2011-11-15 Scott CantorFix zlib link test
2011-11-15 Scott CantorFix ordering issues with LDFLAGS and LIBS.
2011-10-10 Scott CantorHandle overflow in storage keys.
2011-09-28 Scott CantorIgnore . and .. on Windows side, fix VS make
2011-09-28 Scott Cantor
2011-09-21 Scott CantorAdd more status detail for XML provider.
2011-09-21 Scott CantorAdd provider Id, track last update, report in status...
2011-09-21 Scott CantorAdd API for status generation.
2011-09-12 Scott CantorStop building tests when disabled
2011-09-12 Scott Cantor
2011-08-12 Scott CantorFix out of tree build of tests
2011-08-08 Scott CantorBump lib package number.
2011-08-08 Scott CantorAdd quoting to fix autoreconf warning.
2011-08-03 Scott CantorUpdate VS solution with misc file changes.
2011-07-28 Rod WiddowsonIndirect the location of cxxtest through a property.
2011-07-25 Scott Cantor
2011-07-21 Scott CantorAdd option for schema validation.
2011-06-28 Scott CantorUpdate links and copyrights
2011-06-25 Scott CantorRemove and ignore Eclipse project files.
2011-06-21 Scott CantorFix svn properties
2011-06-16 Scott CantorRemove pkg files from configure, fix bug link
2011-06-15 Scott CantorChange license header, remove stale pkg files.
2011-06-11 Scott CantorCorrect MAX limit constant.
2011-06-11 Scott CantorAdd workspace files.
2011-06-10 Scott Cantor
2011-05-21 Scott CantorAdd parameters for sig/digest algorithms.
2011-05-19 Scott CantorBump version, fix for CPPOST-65.
2011-05-12 Scott Cantor
2011-03-29 Scott CantorUpdate doxygen macro with some fixes, improve GSS detec...
2011-03-14 Scott Cantor
2011-03-06 Scott CantorUpdate svn ignores for Eclipse build.
2011-03-06 Scott CantorTest for api directory before installing it.
2011-01-28 Scott CantorBump version in docs. 2.4.1
2011-01-28 Scott CantorUpdate include paths.
2011-01-28 Scott CantorBump version.
2011-01-15 Scott Cantor
2011-01-07 Scott Cantor