2014-08-27 Scott CantorUpdate specfile for RH7
2014-08-27 Scott CantorUpdate license and copyright
2013-09-04 Scott CantorFix double free issue when attributes are resolved.
2012-07-25 Scott CantorUpdate vendor and misc info
2012-07-24 Scott CantorPort over updated macros
2012-04-03 Scott CantorAdd name-based API to GSSRequest
2011-11-16 Scott CantorAdd POSIX flag to Solaris build
2011-06-25 Scott CantorRemove and ignore Eclipse project files.
2011-06-11 Scott CantorMake init/term reentrant.
2011-06-06 Scott CantorFix solution file, add .gitignore
2011-05-28 Scott CantorFix feature defaulting.
2011-05-28 Scott CantorRefactor token resolution, add a protocol override.
2011-05-23 Scott CantorClean up file headers and NOTICE file.
2011-05-15 Scott CantorUpdate copyright.
2011-05-15 Scott CantorFix issuer auto-extraction from token.
2011-04-28 Scott CantorAdd std gssapi header to MIT check.
2011-04-28 Scott CantorFix GSS extension tests and headers for Heimdal/GNU
2011-04-19 Scott CantorSwitch buffer-based API to name instead of context.
2011-04-19 Scott CantorSupport for GSS names anytime naming extensions are...
2011-04-18 Scott CantorAdd composite name support (for when it shows up in...
2011-03-29 Scott CantorGet GSS token added to extraction set, adjust name...
2011-03-29 Scott CantorUpdate doxygen macro with some fixes, improve GSS detec...
2011-03-28 Scott CantorMerge patch for GSS context in buffer form.
2011-03-25 Scott CantorAllow for no metadata sources.
2011-03-23 Scott CantorAdd GSS context extraction.
2011-03-21 Scott CantorApply LDFLAGS to LIBS fix for log4cpp/log4shib configure.
2011-03-06 Scott CantorReworking source tree and Makefiles for out of tree...
2011-03-06 Scott CantorFix test for non-plugin remoting in SP.
2011-01-26 Scott CantorFix NULL ptr compatibility issue.
2010-10-23 Scott CantorAvoid use of nullptr.
2010-10-23 Scott CantorUpdate autotools scripts.
2010-10-22 Scott CantorMake metadata lookup optional.
2010-10-21 Scott CantorCheck for empty issuer.
2010-10-03 Scott CantorDraft implementation.
2010-09-20 Scott CantorFix up feature options for different builds.
2010-09-20 Scott CantorFix constructor.
2010-09-20 Scott CantorAdd init/term methods.
2010-09-19 Scott CantorFix line endings.
2010-09-19 Scott CantorAdd missing headers.
2010-09-19 Scott CantorAdd conditional remoting, remove nullptr reference.
2010-09-19 Scott CantorRevert reordering of libtool macros.
2010-09-19 Scott CantorAdjust for rename of src folder, add test for new 2...
2010-09-18 Scott CantorImplement basic methods, add subclass for the guts.
2010-09-18 Scott CantorInitial check-in.
2010-09-18 Scott CantorInitial project.