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ownerJennifer Richards
last changeFri, 3 Jun 2016 16:20:38 +0000 (16:20 +0000)
2016-06-03 Jennifer RichardsAdd mising %files to spec file. master v1.0.0-moonshot
2014-08-28 Scott CantorUpdate version upstream_master origin/master 1.0.0
2014-08-28 Scott CantorRemove license file
2014-08-27 Scott CantorUpdate specfile for RH7
2014-08-27 Scott CantorUpdate license and copyright
2013-09-04 Scott CantorFix double free issue when attributes are resolved.
2012-07-25 Scott CantorUpdate vendor and misc info
2012-07-24 Scott CantorPort over updated macros
2012-04-03 Scott CantorAdd name-based API to GSSRequest
2011-11-16 Scott CantorAdd POSIX flag to Solaris build
2011-06-25 Scott CantorRemove and ignore Eclipse project files.
2011-06-11 Scott CantorMake init/term reentrant.
2011-06-06 Scott CantorFix solution file, add .gitignore
2011-05-28 Scott CantorFix feature defaulting.
2011-05-28 Scott CantorRefactor token resolution, add a protocol override.
2011-05-23 Scott CantorClean up file headers and NOTICE file.
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