2016-06-03 Jennifer RichardsUse shibboleth-sp as package name for compatibility. master v2.5.6-moonshot
2016-02-24 Scott CantorUpdate solution file after loading into VS2015. 2.5.6
2016-01-30 Scott CantorSSPCPP-669 - cached samlds.json files prematurely remov...
2016-01-29 Scott CantorSSPCPP-671 - Handling of partial success in LogoutRespo...
2016-01-29 Scott CantorFix line feeds again, VS is also broken.
2016-01-29 Scott CantorSSPCPP-670 - Session Cleanup for Database Session Stora...
2016-01-28 Scott CantorRe-convert linefeeds to undo Eclipse's handiwork
2016-01-28 Scott CantorSSPCPP-675 - configuration sample cites "federation...
2016-01-28 Scott CantorClean up ignores.
2016-01-28 Scott CantorApply typo fixes provided by Debian packagers.
2016-01-28 Scott CantorUpdate library/software version.
2015-08-04 Scott CantorUpdate MSI names to carry patch version
2015-07-23 Scott CantorSSPCPP-665 - Use of systemd breaks on reboot
2015-07-20 Scott CantorBump header file dependencies in specfile 2.5.5
2015-07-18 Scott CantorFinish adding patch level to package versions and strings
2015-07-17 Scott CantorAdd a ShibbolethPatchVersion variable to the MSI builds.
2015-07-17 Scott CantorApply final batch of fixes for specfile
2015-07-17 Rod WiddowsonSSPCPP-662 Set AllowSameVersionUpgrades to 'yes'
2015-07-16 Scott CantorSSPCPP-656 - NameID insert logic appears wrong for...
2015-07-09 Scott CantorRemove api directory from dist.
2015-07-09 Scott CantorChange trust engine in example config
2015-07-08 Scott CantorSSPCPP-656 - NameID insert logic appears wrong for...
2015-07-06 Scott CantorAdd schema validation to metadata examples
2015-07-05 Scott CantorVersion bump
2015-07-05 Scott CantorCPPXT-104 - Add exception handling to integer conversions
2015-07-02 Scott CantorSSPCPP-412 - systemd integration changes
2015-07-02 Scott CantorSSPCPP-658 - setuid/setgid fails to remove supplementar...
2015-07-02 Scott CantorSSPCPP-654 - Move fork wait timeout from init script...
2015-07-02 Scott CantorSSPCPP-659 - shibd doesn't set any umask
2015-06-30 Scott CantorSSPCPP-663 - BOOST autoconf macros break with gcc5
2015-03-19 Scott CantorFix version macros 2.5.4
2015-03-13 Scott CantorSomehow missed a file version change
2015-03-12 Scott CantorActivate installer projects in solution, and fix Xerces...
2015-03-12 Scott CantorConsistent formatting
2015-03-11 Scott CantorChange path to Xerces library files
2015-03-09 Scott CantorRemove references to init.d scripts in favor of /sbin...
2015-03-09 Scott CantorDon't need chown of new log dir, clean up some indents
2015-03-04 Scott CantorWork around Solaris issue
2015-03-04 Scott CantorFix eol props on Windows files, add bz2/zip dist targets
2015-03-04 Scott Cantor
2015-02-26 Scott CantorUpdate library version header, require Xerces 3.1 on...
2015-02-26 Scott Cantor
2015-02-03 Scott CantorSSPCPP-613 - add warning if no semi-colon found
2015-02-03 Scott Cantor
2015-01-29 Scott Cantor
2015-01-29 Scott Cantor
2015-01-29 Scott Cantor
2015-01-23 Scott CantorSSPCPP-616 - fix tuple namespaces and string literal...
2015-01-23 Scott CantorSSPCPP-616 - fix tuple ambiguity
2015-01-23 Scott CantorSSPCPP-616 - clean up concatenated string literals
2015-01-21 Scott CantorAdd a redundant safety check to insert
2015-01-21 Scott CantorBump library version
2015-01-21 Scott Cantor
2015-01-20 Scott Cantor
2015-01-19 Scott Cantor
2015-01-19 Scott Cantor
2015-01-19 Scott Cantor
2015-01-09 Scott Cantor
2014-11-17 Scott CantorFix SUSE 13 check
2014-11-17 Scott Cantor
2014-08-27 Scott Cantor
2014-06-06 Scott CantorUpdate patch def files
2014-04-08 Scott CantorPreserve patch definitions for now
2013-11-22 Scott CantorUpdate version resources 2.5.3
2013-11-21 Scott Cantor
2013-11-21 Scott Cantor
2013-11-21 Scott Cantor
2013-11-21 Scott Cantor
2013-11-21 Scott Cantor
2013-11-21 Scott Cantor
2013-11-20 Scott Cantor
2013-11-20 Scott Cantor
2013-11-20 Scott Cantor
2013-11-20 Scott CantorVersion bump
2013-11-20 Scott Cantor
2013-11-09 Scott CantorPatch definitions for curl update
2013-06-18 Scott CantorMissed a file version bump 2.5.2
2013-06-17 Scott CantorRestrict pre-2.4 use of new require rules
2013-06-16 Scott Cantor
2013-06-16 Scott Cantor
2013-06-14 Scott Cantor
2013-06-08 Scott CantorBuild with GSS-API support by default
2013-06-04 Rod WiddowsonSSPCPP-568 The INSTALL_DIR has to have a trailing backs...
2013-06-04 Scott CantorAdjust fix for SSPCPP-570, let empty r->user through.
2013-06-03 Scott Cantor
2013-05-30 Scott CantorRemove empty dir
2013-05-29 Scott Cantor
2013-05-25 Rod WiddowsonSet up a default INSTALLDIR.
2013-05-23 Scott CantorFix init order warning.
2013-05-23 Scott CantorAnother correction to older Apache configs
2013-05-22 Scott CantorMissed converting a project file
2013-05-21 Scott CantorRemove local msbuild files
2013-05-21 Scott CantorRemove outdated build files
2013-05-21 Scott CantorParameterize msbuild path
2013-05-21 Scott CantorCorrections to SSPCPP-493 change
2013-05-20 Scott Cantor
2013-05-16 Scott Cantor
2013-05-15 Scott Cantor
2013-05-13 Scott Cantor
2013-05-06 Scott Cantor