Set fourth file version digit to signify rebuild.
[shibboleth/cpp-xmltooling.git] / .gitignore
2015-08-26 Ian YoungINFRA-120 perform Subversion repository conversions...
2015-07-20 Scott CantorReset gitignore and make explicit changes
2015-07-20 Scott CantorUpdate gitignore to account for subdirs / missing files.
2011-06-25 Scott CantorRemove and ignore Eclipse project files.
2011-03-06 Scott CantorUpdate svn ignores for Eclipse build.
2010-05-24 Scott Cantor
2010-05-04 Scott CantorAdd MS cruft to gitignore
2010-05-04 Scott CantorConvert from NULL macro to nullptr.
2009-11-02 Scott CantorUpdate ignores.
2008-06-23 Scott CantorAdd cross-compile targets for x64.
2007-01-26 Scott CantorFixed some doxygen warnings.
2006-11-22 Scott CantorBasic SOAP client, reworked transport streams.
2006-06-30 Brent PutmanAdd some things into the svn:ignore property specific...
2006-03-01 Scott CantorInitial unit test plus fixes
2006-02-15 Scott CantorInitial check-in
2006-02-13 Chad La JoieImport structure