Fix Win lib version strings
[shibboleth/cpp-xmltooling.git] / config_win32.h
2015-03-19 Scott CantorFix Win lib version strings 1.5.4
2013-05-06 Scott Cantor
2012-10-26 Scott CantorBump version to 1.5.2
2012-09-06 Scott Cantor 1.5.1
2012-07-05 Scott CantorRoll back unnecessary configure test, and add ECDSA...
2012-07-03 Scott CantorRegister extended OAEP algorithm conditionally
2012-05-17 Scott CantorInclude patch version
2011-06-16 Scott CantorRemove pkg files from configure, fix bug link
2011-06-15 Scott CantorMerge branch '1.x' of ssh://
2011-05-19 Scott CantorBump version, adjust VC build for parallel make, fixes...
2011-03-01 Scott CantorBumping version pending decision on next release.
2011-01-28 Scott CantorMissed a version reference.
2011-01-28 Scott CantorBump version.
2010-11-12 Scott Cantor
2010-10-26 Scott CantorAdd X509Digest support, adjust default KeyInfo generation.
2010-10-12 Scott CantorEditorial fixes.
2010-10-12 Scott CantorStart revisions of autotools material.
2010-07-20 Scott CantorRoute signature debugging to log.
2010-06-30 Scott CantorAdd EC key support to helpers and KeyInfo resolution.
2010-06-09 Scott CantorAdd support for DEREncodedKeyValue.
2010-05-04 Scott CantorConvert from NULL macro to nullptr.
2010-02-04 Scott CantorAdd code paths for new xmlsec APIs, and allow for undet...
2009-12-25 Scott CantorBump version, add pkg-config support, version the schemas
2009-12-03 Scott CantorBump version.
2009-11-23 Scott CantorBump version.
2009-11-04 Scott CantorBump to 1.3.1
2009-09-30 Scott Cantor
2009-08-26 Scott CantorBump version, and draft a fix for CPPXT-40
2009-08-24 Scott CantorBump version.
2009-06-26 Scott CantorBump revision in case a patch release is done.
2009-03-06 Scott CantorAttempt to handle xmlsec versions where xsecsize_t...
2008-12-29 Scott CantorRemove old autoconf macros.
2008-12-15 Scott CantorXerces 3 revisions.
2008-09-22 Scott CantorBump version to 1.2.
2008-08-11 Scott CantorForgot to update Windows version of config.h
2007-11-13 Scott CantorMisspelled.
2007-11-13 Scott CantorRework iterator template again for Sun's broken STL.
2007-07-31 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-05-24 Scott CantorToggle off Xalan in a config macro to avoid dependency...
2006-11-21 Scott CantorAdd covariant return check
2006-04-17 Scott CantorClean up defines, and add dlfunc check.
2006-02-15 Scott CantorInitial check-in