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[shibboleth/cpp-xmltooling.git] / schemas /
2013-05-05 Scott Cantor
2012-07-02 Scott CantorXML Enc 1.1 schema
2010-10-26 Scott CantorAdd X509Digest support, adjust default KeyInfo generation.
2010-06-07 Scott CantorAdd LC dsig11 schema, fix SerialNumber type in original.
2009-12-30 Scott Cantor
2009-12-28 Scott CantorRoll back schema directory changes, didn't consider...
2009-12-25 Scott CantorBump version, add pkg-config support, version the schemas
2009-10-30 Scott CantorCorrect eol-style property.
2007-09-26 Scott CantorFix for JOS-5, missing lax spec on c14n method content.
2007-05-31 Scott Cantormissing schema
2007-05-12 Scott CantorReduce special handling of doc/schemas for install...
2007-03-19 Scott CantorAdd schema errata.
2007-02-20 Scott CantorFix catalog usage to match "real life".
2007-02-10 Scott CantorDon't need schemas in DIST target
2006-09-07 Scott CantorSOAP 1.1 classes
2006-06-30 Brent PutmanAdd some things into the svn:ignore property specific...
2006-03-26 Scott CantorAdd parametrized messaging and serialization to exceptions.
2006-03-02 Scott CantorUnix build fixes
2006-02-19 Scott CantorSchemas and catalog