Set fourth file version digit to signify rebuild.
[shibboleth/cpp-xmltooling.git] /
2015-07-20 Scott CantorRequire latest xml-sec in specfile.
2015-03-13 Scott CantorAdd Amazon checks to libcurl overrides
2015-03-09 Scott CantorSwitch to bz2 source
2015-02-26 Scott CantorRequire newer Xerces on older SUSE versions
2014-08-27 Scott Cantor
2012-07-25 Scott CantorUpdate vendor
2012-07-10 Scott CantorBump log4shib requirement
2011-12-14 Scott CantorAdd boost-devel as devel requirement.
2011-11-16 Scott CantorBoost dependency support.
2011-08-08 Scott CantorMissed some package names.
2011-08-08 Scott CantorBump lib package number.
2011-08-06 Scott CantorAdd CentOS 6 workaround to specfile
2011-06-28 Scott CantorFilter out vanilla libcurl on RH6
2011-06-26 Scott CantorMove libcurl requirement downn to libxmltooling package.
2011-06-26 Scott CantorExplicit Require of libcurl-openssl on RHEL6
2011-06-26 Scott CantorUse custom curl package for RHEL6.
2010-10-27 Scott CantorRequire pkg-config only on SUSE.
2010-10-27 Scott CantorSUSE 11.3 Xerces package rename.
2010-04-30 Scott CantorFix Obsoletes versioning.
2009-12-28 Scott CantorSet default file attrs for schemas.
2009-12-28 Scott CantorSide by side installs, and separate -schemas package.
2009-12-28 Scott CantorRoll back schema directory changes, didn't consider...
2009-12-25 Scott CantorUpdate package soname.
2009-12-25 Scott CantorCorrect for change to schema dir.
2009-12-25 Scott CantorBump version, add pkg-config support, version the schemas
2009-10-24 Scott CantorAdd Obsoletes for SUSE package renaming.
2009-09-07 Scott CantorNeed redhat-rpm-config for SUSE build service.
2009-08-31 Scott CantorBump library package name.
2009-08-10 Scott CantorMove building of packaging files into configure.
2009-08-09 Scott CantorAdjust package name for libversion, update README.
2009-08-08 Scott CantorRemove duplicate require line.
2009-08-06 Scott CantorAdd doxygen dependency.
2009-08-06 Scott CantorFix description.
2009-08-06 Scott CantorRemove lib prefix macro, incompatible with SuSE build...
2009-08-06 Scott CantorClean up doclist.
2009-08-06 Scott CantorAdd SuSE docdir handling.
2009-08-06 Scott CantorIgnore unit test file if not present.
2009-08-06 Scott CantorFix rm macro.
2009-08-06 Scott CantorMacroize dependencies for SuSE.
2009-08-06 Scott CantorOptimize makefile and check in draft spec file improvem...
2009-05-20 Scott CantorAdd lower level dependencies to devel package.
2008-12-03 Scott Cantor
2008-08-27 Scott Cantor
2008-07-22 Scott CantorFix release number.
2008-07-01 Scott CantorForgot to update spec comment.
2008-07-01 Scott CantorRev version and add README file.
2008-03-14 Scott CantorPrepping for release.
2008-02-06 Scott CantorBump revision.
2008-01-18 Scott CantorUpdate revision.
2007-11-29 Scott CantorAdd curl dependency. 1.0-beta2
2007-11-09 Scott CantorHandle conditional test inclusion.
2007-11-09 Scott CantorUp version
2007-10-24 Scott CantorRequire Xerces 2.8.0 and make cxxtest optional.
2007-10-22 Scott CantorUp log4cpp version requirement.
2007-09-19 Scott CantorFix documentation directory and eliminate special handl...
2007-09-16 Scott CantorMacro-ize spec files.
2007-08-16 Scott CantorCorrect dependency syntax
2007-08-13 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-07-14 Scott CantorSecond alpha 1.0-alpha2
2007-06-12 Scott CantorAdd openssl dependency. 1.0-alpha1
2007-06-12 Scott CantorExclude tests from package.
2007-06-12 Scott CantorFix up doc handling in spec file
2007-06-12 Scott CantorAdd some missing files, try to make docs work.
2006-04-13 Scott Cantordoxygen autotools integration
2006-04-13 Scott CantorAdding some machinery.