Set fourth file version digit to signify rebuild.
[shibboleth/cpp-xmltooling.git] / xmltoolingtest /
2015-07-20 Scott CantorAdd ignores to unit test directory. 1.5.5
2013-05-21 Scott CantorRemove outdated build files
2013-05-21 Scott CantorParameterize msbuild path
2012-10-14 Rod WiddowsonMove to explicitly included properties for the include...
2012-05-21 Scott CantorFix warning
2012-05-17 Scott CantorFix 64-bit test path
2011-12-15 Scott CantorSwitch to vector-based API.
2011-12-15 Scott CantorConvert tests to use Chaining cred resolver.
2011-12-03 Scott CantorIncorporating boostisms
2011-09-12 Scott CantorStop building tests when disabled
2011-08-11 Scott CantorFix unit test config file
2011-08-11 Scott CantorAdd non-working PKIX unit test and test data.
2011-07-28 Rod WiddowsonIndirect the location of cxxtest through a property.
2011-06-15 Scott CantorMerge branch '1.x' of ssh://
2011-06-10 Scott Cantor
2011-05-19 Scott CantorBump version, adjust VC build for parallel make, fixes...
2011-05-12 Scott CantorFix links in test, and add SOAP schema to test catalog.
2011-05-12 Scott CantorAdd SOAP unit test to VC build.
2011-05-12 Scott CantorAdd SOAP fault unit test.
2010-10-31 Scott CantorAdjust cxxtest path in build rules. 1.4RC1
2010-08-24 Scott CantorSwitch encoding to UTF-8.
2010-06-09 Scott CantorAdd support for DEREncodedKeyValue.
2010-06-09 Scott CantorFix KeyVaue validator, add ECKeyValue test case.
2010-06-08 Scott CantorFix svn properties.
2010-05-04 Scott CantorAdd VS10 filter files.
2010-05-04 Scott CantorAdd VS10 filter files.
2010-05-04 Scott CantorSwitch makefile extensions.
2010-05-04 Scott CantorConvert from NULL macro to nullptr.
2010-03-04 Scott CantorAdd non-build files to VS projects.
2010-02-04 Scott CantorAdd code paths for new xmlsec APIs, and allow for undet...
2010-01-19 Scott CantorReimplement namespace visibility as a three-way setting.
2010-01-18 Scott CantorDistinguish between visibly used and unused namespaces.
2010-01-18 Scott CantorDistinguish between visibly used and unused namespaces.
2009-11-02 Scott CantorMissed a checkin.
2009-11-02 Scott CantorSupport alternate hash algorithms in helper routines.
2009-10-12 Scott CantorReducing header overuse, non-inlining selected methods...
2009-09-26 Scott CantorReducing header overuse, non-inlining selected methods...
2009-06-15 Scott CantorSolaris fix. 1.2.0
2009-06-04 Scott CantorAdd hashing options to key extraction support.
2009-04-17 Scott CantorRevert to string-based return values, add linefeed...
2009-04-17 Scott CantorOptimize return values of DER encoding functions.
2009-04-15 Scott CantorAdd helpers to encode keys into DER.
2009-03-10 Scott CantorBase template for loops on a single multimap.
2009-02-06 Scott Cantor
2009-02-03 Scott CantorMigrate makefiles to MSVC9
2008-12-16 Scott CantorXerces 3 revisions.
2008-12-15 Scott CantorXerces 3 revisions.
2008-11-21 Scott Cantor
2008-11-21 Scott CantorAdd unit tests for DateTime class.
2008-10-28 Scott CantorAdd URL tests.
2008-10-28 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2008-10-28 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2008-06-23 Scott CantorAdd cross-compile targets for x64.
2008-03-14 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-10-17 Scott CantorUndo debug code.
2007-10-17 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-10-17 Scott CantorFixed bug causing duplication of text content.
2007-06-10 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-05-25 Scott CantorRemove stray perl paths.
2007-05-21 Scott CantorMove ReplayCache and StorageService APIs to full build...
2007-05-21 Scott CantorAdd user-supplied key names to filesystem resolver.
2007-05-17 Scott CantorCleaned up source for dual build
2007-05-16 Scott CantorChanges to split library into a lite and full version.
2007-04-19 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2007-04-19 Scott CantorRemove hardcoded Perl path.
2007-04-18 Scott CantorStop defaulting in xercesc namespace.
2007-03-26 Scott CantorMajor revamp of credential and trust handling code...
2007-03-18 Scott CantorRevised decryption APIs to clarify CredentialResolver...
2007-03-02 Scott CantorMoved key/cred resolution classes out of xmlsig namespace.
2007-02-12 Scott CantorDon't call virtual method from d'tor.
2007-02-02 Scott CantorUpdate copyright.
2007-01-24 Scott CantorAlign tests to new API.
2006-12-20 Scott CantorVirtualize template parameters.
2006-11-27 Scott CantorRefined ElementProxy/ElementExtensible interfaces to...
2006-11-21 Scott CantorAdd code for non-covariant build.
2006-10-19 Scott CantorTemplate replacement engine ported from Shib, added...
2006-10-13 Scott Cantorgcc const fix, converted linefeeds
2006-10-12 Scott CantorMulti-line svn commit, see body.
2006-09-29 Scott CantorMerge schema validators into one suite.
2006-09-25 Scott CantorSimplify access to records and prevent reads of expired...
2006-09-22 Scott CantorSimplify storage context mgmt.
2006-09-22 Scott CantorImplement context storage handles.
2006-09-21 Scott CantorAdded a simple storage abstraction, and an in-memory...
2006-09-13 Scott CantorSupport for a catalog path.
2006-09-08 Scott CantorAdded built-in ID attribute support to base classes.
2006-09-04 Scott CantorMigrate to xmlsec 1.3 release, shrink a few headers.
2006-08-23 Scott CantorAddress certificate object lifetime with wrapper class.
2006-08-21 Scott CantorExtended KeyResolver to handle CRLs.
2006-08-13 Scott CantorStop blowing away native signature from setters, need...
2006-08-11 Scott CantorExtend KeyResolver to include certificate resolution...
2006-08-11 Scott CantorRemove some tracing, fix string compares.
2006-07-26 Scott CantorReplace custom code with CredentialResolver.
2006-07-24 Scott CantorCredential resolver plugin
2006-07-12 Scott CantorRemoved ValidatingXMLObject interface and implementations.
2006-07-11 Scott CantorDisable deprecation warnings.
2006-07-02 Scott CantorAdded ValidatorSuite around groups of static validators.
2006-06-30 Brent PutmanAdd some things into the svn:ignore property specific...
2006-06-11 Scott CantorNew KeyResolver/Validator/Encrypter/Decrypter classes.
2006-05-22 Scott CantorAdded key-based Signature validator.
2006-05-18 Scott CantorStop auto-cloning ContentReferences.