2008-03-25 cantorRegister builder for md:EncryptionMethod element to... master trunk
2008-03-18 cantorAdd Solaris pkg dependency.
2008-03-18 cantorCorrect serial number in test data.
2008-03-17 cantorMore Solaris package changes.
2008-03-15 cantorline feeds
2008-03-14 cantorPrepping for release.
2008-03-14 cantorBack out nil property.
2008-03-13 cantorAdd nil flag to AttributeValue.
2008-03-13 cantorAdd new builder base class to indicate support for...
2008-03-04 cantorRemove extra eol from log stream.
2008-02-08 cantorAllow role lookup with no protocol.
2008-02-08 cantorAdd implicit support for a "null" protocol.
2008-02-06 cantorBump revision.
2008-02-01 cantorRefactor extraction of certificate details.
2008-01-30 cantorSupport path resolution in binding templates.
2008-01-30 cantorOverride default package for path resolution.
2008-01-29 cantorRemove extra logging.
2008-01-28 cantorFixed missing unlock when entity found, but role wasn't.
2008-01-28 cantorTemp logging.
2008-01-18 cantorUpdate revision.
2008-01-17 cantorChange audience handling and validators to separate...
2008-01-16 cantorSwitch to memory input source to allow for 16-bit data.
2008-01-12 cantorRecurse into groups.
2008-01-10 cantorCheck for empty payload.
2008-01-07 cantorRemoved old method.
2007-12-26 cantorFix handling of errorFatal flag in rules.
2007-12-17 cantorClarify error messages.
2007-12-15 cantorTry adding api folder to dist.
2007-12-14 cantorAdd flag to block non-entity issuers.
2007-12-14 cantorFix for no conditions.
2007-12-13 cantorImprove exception message.
2007-12-07 cantorFix bad STL branch.
2007-11-20 cantorAdd linefeeds to log, add logging of additional inbound...
2007-11-20 cantorLog outbound XML in msg encoders.
2007-11-19 cantorKeyInfo should be base64-decoded in simple sign rule.
2007-11-14 cantorline feed change
2007-11-14 cantorgit-svn-id:
2007-11-13 cantorSolaris needs const casts.
2007-11-13 cantorSolaris needs const casts.
2007-11-13 cantorRemove duplicate STL check.
2007-11-13 cantorUpdated Solaris packaging files.
2007-11-13 cantorSolaris compiler doesn't like two include macros on...
2007-11-09 cantorHandle conditional test inclusion.
2007-11-08 cantorAdd option to search all providers and warn on duplicates.
2007-11-08 cantorCollapse entity/role lookup in metadata API.
2007-11-08 cantorConvert role lookups to find_if algorithm.
2007-11-07 cantorConvert header lookup to an algorithm call.
2007-11-07 cantorAdd Destination check.
2007-11-06 cantorECP message decoder.
2007-11-06 cantorECP message encoder (requests via PAOS, responses via...
2007-11-06 cantorECP message encoder (requests via PAOS, responses via...
2007-11-06 cantorPull the PAOS schema back out.
2007-11-06 cantorSimplify encoder processing a bit.
2007-11-06 cantorSign message even if passed in inside an envelope.
2007-11-06 cantorAdd PAOS 1.1 schema.
2007-10-25 cantorTrap failures at root for better reporting.
2007-10-25 cantorImprove logging a bit.
2007-10-24 cantorLog library versions.
2007-10-24 cantorRequire Xerces 2.8.0 and make cxxtest optional.
2007-10-22 cantorRemove svn files from api doc folder.
2007-10-22 cantorUp log4cpp version requirement.
2007-10-21 cantorFix log4shib/log4cpp link check.
2007-10-18 cantorExport functions.
2007-10-17 cantorConvert usage bits to a mask.
2007-10-17 cantorMove credential usage enum to Credential class.
2007-10-11 cantorConvert ENDLINE refs to eol.
2007-10-02 cantorCheck for xmlsec 1.4.
2007-10-02 cantorAdd marker interface to NewID for use in NewEncryptedID.
2007-09-29 cantorMethod to add protocol to a role.
2007-09-25 cantorLimit number of transforms.
2007-09-22 cantorLog exceptions during verify loop.
2007-09-22 cantorHow many times am I gonna lose this fix?
2007-09-19 cantorForgot to pull old doc files.
2007-09-19 cantorMark executable.
2007-09-17 cantorRefactor message extraction into decoders and clients.
2007-09-16 cantorMacro-ize spec files.
2007-09-13 cantorAdd version resource.
2007-09-13 cantorAdd version resource.
2007-09-11 cantorInit logging.
2007-09-10 cantorAdd verify features.
2007-09-10 cantorAdd samlsign to project.
2007-09-06 cantorSupport simple config option for file cred resolver.
2007-08-30 cantorRework signature validation in metadata filter.
2007-08-29 cantorDynamic metadata provider implementation.
2007-08-17 cantorFix condition validation
2007-08-16 cantorgit-svn-id:
2007-08-16 cantorCorrect dependency syntax
2007-08-16 cantorAdd "sender" to SOAP APIs to avoid reuse of connections...
2007-08-13 cantorSync up older 1.3 spec file and require opensaml < 2.0
2007-08-09 cantorCheck for missing Destination value.
2007-08-09 cantorMessage rules no longer protocol specific.
2007-08-09 cantorStreamline SecurityPolicy methods and rule modification.
2007-08-01 cantorOnly check log headers for the chosen version.
2007-07-31 cantorConvert logging to log4shib via compile time switch.
2007-07-25 cantorRecipient/Destination checks were including query string.
2007-07-14 cantorSecond alpha
2007-07-11 cantorParameterize config namespace for message plugins.
2007-07-10 cantorAnnotate exceptions with status information.
2007-07-09 cantorAlways throw a descriptive exception instead of returni...
2007-07-06 cantorEnable logging of SAML errors without making them fatal.