2010-10-03 cantorDraft implementation. master
2010-09-20 cantorFix up feature options for different builds.
2010-09-20 cantorFix constructor.
2010-09-20 cantorAdd init/term methods.
2010-09-19 cantorFix line endings.
2010-09-19 cantorAdd missing headers.
2010-09-19 cantorAdd conditional remoting, remove nullptr reference.
2010-09-19 cantorRevert reordering of libtool macros.
2010-09-19 cantorAdjust for rename of src folder, add test for new 2...
2010-09-18 cantorImplement basic methods, add subclass for the guts.
2010-09-18 cantorInitial check-in.
2010-09-18 cantorInitial project.