2008-03-27 cantorFix backslashes in SHIBSP_PREFIX variable by manually... master trunk
2008-03-27 cantorFix for SSPCPP-87.
2008-03-26 cantorFix for SSPCPP-84.
2008-03-18 cantorGeneric path for openssl in postinstall script.
2008-03-18 cantorAdd Solaris pkg dependency.
2008-03-17 cantorMore Solaris package changes.
2008-03-17 cantorExtra space.
2008-03-16 cantorAdd linefeed to software version.
2008-03-15 cantorSet paths for keygen script
2008-03-15 cantorSolaris changes.
2008-03-15 cantorSolaris changes.
2008-03-15 cantorFix makefile and keygen script for Solaris
2008-03-15 cantorAdd min macro for Solaris.
2008-03-14 cantorCorrect location of TransportOption feature, makes...
2008-03-14 cantorResolve path of default logging config.
2008-03-14 cantorPrepping for release.
2008-03-14 cantorPrepping for release.
2008-03-13 cantorUntested script to run keygen batch file.
2008-03-13 cantorFixes from Kaspar.
2008-03-12 cantorAdd sslIndex option to override ACS index in metadata...
2008-03-12 cantorRemove extra lf from decryption logging.
2008-03-12 cantorRemove conf file at the end.
2008-03-12 cantorGenerate a cnf file with patch from SWITCH to control...
2008-03-12 cantorFix bug with prefix when params are used.
2008-03-09 cantorPort up context changes to prevent false spoofing error.
2008-03-08 cantorAdd explicit none option for transport authn.
2008-03-08 cantorAdd protocol to log.
2008-03-08 cantorLog AA endpoint during errors.
2008-03-06 cantorAdd SAML 2 assertion support.
2008-03-05 cantorMap AC class ref to wauth parameter.
2008-03-04 cantorLock some logging categories.
2008-03-04 cantorLog message spelling.
2008-03-04 cantorFix log category.
2008-03-04 cantorShift property set logging to its own category.
2008-03-04 cantorDS initiator wasn't registered.
2008-03-03 cantorMake NameID explicitly optional.
2008-03-02 cantorAdd o attribute.
2008-03-01 cantorImprove error msg.
2008-02-29 cantorCleaner app override example.
2008-02-27 cantorAdd retry feature for insert and update operations.
2008-02-27 cantorAllow reduction of isolation level via config.
2008-02-27 cantorChange log message.
2008-02-26 cantorUpdate was using unescaped key.
2008-02-23 cantorRemove unused namespaces.
2008-02-23 cantorMoved openssl.cnf up from staging directory.
2008-02-22 cantorMore ws fixes.
2008-02-21 cantorRevamp whitespace.
2008-02-21 cantorAdd style sheet to package.
2008-02-21 cantorAdd style sheet to package.
2008-02-21 cantorFairly complete script.
2008-02-19 cantorEarly draft of upgrade script, handles everything but...
2008-02-17 cantorWindows script to run an XML transform.
2008-02-15 cantorSet status before sending headers.
2008-02-15 cantorSwitch to auto-commit for all the non-update transactions.
2008-02-13 cantorFix init warning.
2008-02-12 cantorClean up existing handlers a bit.
2008-02-10 cantorRedirect stderr in batch mode.
2008-02-09 cantorForm generator for discovery along with sample form.
2008-02-08 cantorAdd regex support, flags to force transforms and skip...
2008-02-08 cantorForgot to add to makefile.
2008-02-08 cantorChange API to permit session initiators to modify the...
2008-02-06 cantorBug fix, linefeed fix, move keygen to install hook...
2008-02-06 cantorFix separator problem again.
2008-02-06 cantorFix separator problem.
2008-02-06 cantorBump revision.
2008-02-06 cantorShell script for key generation.
2008-02-06 cantorAdd drive letter to paths.
2008-02-05 cantorWindows batch file for key generation.
2008-02-05 cantorFix path to DLL.
2008-02-04 cantorRename default credential files.
2008-02-04 cantorYank example keys to prep for generation feature.
2008-02-04 cantorYank example keys to prep for generation feature.
2008-02-03 cantorAdd chaining extractor.
2008-02-03 cantorForgot to register chaining resolver plugin.
2008-02-03 cantorProper communication between links in the chain.
2008-01-30 cantorPath resolution for error templates.
2008-01-30 cantorChange remaining XML to unbuilt files.
2008-01-30 cantorPath resolution for Unix socket.
2008-01-30 cantorRemove some absolute paths from default config.
2008-01-30 cantorOverride default package for path resolution.
2008-01-29 cantorStale replace rule.
2008-01-28 cantorMove metadata lock outside of else clause.
2008-01-27 cantorAvoid any chance of a double lock.
2008-01-23 cantorAdd note about config change.
2008-01-23 cantorFix a couple of glitches.
2008-01-23 cantorUpdate version.
2008-01-23 cantorChange some defaults.
2008-01-23 cantorRenamed signedAssertions.
2008-01-23 cantorRenamed Applications/Application tags.
2008-01-23 cantorMoved logout templates to Errors tag.
2008-01-18 cantorSQL Server wants column lengths filled in.
2008-01-18 cantorFree statement after direct exec.
2008-01-18 cantorSupposedly statements get freed when the connection...
2008-01-18 cantorCheck for null env handle.
2008-01-18 cantorMissing quote.
2008-01-18 cantorPrepared statememt version, pending testing.
2008-01-18 cantorUpdate revision.
2008-01-17 cantorChange audience handling and validators to separate...
2008-01-16 cantorPretty-print metadata before signing.
2008-01-16 cantorEliminate DefaultRelyingParty element.